Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pancake day preparations

Being the foodie that I am any day in the calendar that celebrates food and encourages the eating of vast amount of food is a winner in my eye and one of my favourites just happens to be Pancake Day. I love pancakes and crepes at the best of times but this is usually a breakfast of pudding option, but Pancake Day is one day of the year when I can have pancakes for my tea and well that is pretty special.

When it comes to toppings there isn’t much you can’t put on a pancake. 

As a child I was a big fan of a strawberry jam covered pancake, my sister opted for the 5 teaspoons of sugar over the top…without any lemon or honey just sugar, I found this very odd. 

Since my childhood I have become slightly more adventurous then a simple jam and the best pancake I have ever tasted was smothered in Nutella, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla icing, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

In the build-up to  pancake day I have been searching for inspiration for the perfect pancake topping ideas and combinations and thought I would share with you my findings so you can cook up a pancake storm in the kitchen next week. 

 I might even have a practice run this weekend…purely for testing reasons of course!


 You can't go wrong with my good old favourite fruit jam topping. 

Sticking with the fruit theme, blueberry's, banana and syrup for the more healthy option....if your into that kind of thing. 

Or blueberry's, powder sugar and a squeeze of lemon, an old classic! 

Or mix one of your 5 a day with a good dollop of Nutella. 

Well this is more my kind of thing, pancake stack, fruit and chocolate. Perfect! 

Feeling creative? Teddy bear pancakes for the kids or any big kids in your household. 

Or a cinnamon bum style pancake, I need to try this looks delish! 

Maybe you prefer the savoury option? Bacon filled pancakes? What could be better, bacon and pancakes. Maybe I could have this for main and a sweet one for pudding? 

Savoury fillings not your cup of tea, don't worry I have all you sweet tooths covered? Birthday cake style pancake, complete with icing and sprinkles. 

Not a fan of icing, you could just go for fruit and sprinkles, looks so cute! 


Now when it comes to basic pancake recipe I stick to mummy’s recipe, every time I have one of her pancakes or recreate my own using the same recipe (yes I made her write it down for me when I moved out) it takes me back to my childhood,  my mum would make me and my sister as many pancakes as our tummies would allow us, don’t worry it was just once a year, this was not a daily or even a weekly occurrence. You can find loads of recipes online, just promise me promise me one thing? Don’t go and buy the add water mixes or ready made ones, pancakes are the easiest thing to whip up in the kitchen and taste 100 times better homemade.

So I think all that’s left for me to say is thanks for ready and bon appĂ©tit


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Favourites

Ok it's 12:10 am so it's technically Monday but here are my Sunday favourites. 

Me and Gary have probably had the laziest Sunday ever. I spent all day on the sofa watching films, drinking hot chocolate, nibbling on chocolate, reading Cosmo, watching the Kardashian's and Towie, double reality whammy, and yes I love them both please don't judge! I even managed to have two naps, that's right two I can't even remember the last time I did that, but now I am annoyingly wide awake so fool me. 

Enough chit chat from me here are favourite pins and inspiration this week. 

Style inspiration
I was doing my usual style inspiration searching and pinning when I came across this beauty. When it comes to personal style this is just me all over, preppy style, cute girly bow tie, collar, buttoned shirt and cardigan....I need this combo in my life. 

Ring stacking
I am loving the stacked ring look at the moment. I have never been a huge necklace kind of girl so have always focused on the wrist and hand candy. I love the whole midi ring look and definitely want to build up my collection a little bit more. 

The beach
I don't know about anyone else but I am so over winter weather, I need sunshine and spring time in life. With better weather comes days at the seaside.  I can't wait to get sand in my toes and dip my feet in the sea, wouldn't mind fitting some of these super cute pastel beach huts either. 

Margot Robbie
I think I have a new girl crush, Margot Robbie. This women is beautiful and I am lusting over her style and beauty looks at the moment. 

Daniel Wellington Watch
No I don't need any more watches, but I would very much like this one to add to my collection please? 

Thanks for reading Beauts I hope you had a great weekend. Let me know some of your favourites of the week, I love reading your comments. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses

Unless you have been hibernating over winter you will probably all have heard that the Tanya Burr, beauty blogger and Youtuber has launched her very own Lip gloss and Nail varnish range, if you didn’t know get yourself over the Feelunique.co.ukright now and take a look.

I haven’t been buying any make up recently (because I own enough to open a store at the moment), but I just couldn’t resist this new collection by Tanya. Yes I have terribly will power...I hold my hands up, but they were just too beautiful to resist. 

Tanya was the first YouTuber I ever watched, I learnt so many make up tricks and tips from her and it was from watching her tutorials that my love of beauty world began. Role on two years later and I am addicted to watching beauty gurus on YouTube, reading blog posts and I write my own blog. Ok, so I am not saying this happened all because of the beautiful Miss Burr, I have always loved the world of makeup and beauty, but without a doubt watching Tanya and reading her blog posts was a pinnacle moment in me thinking about my own journey into the world of beauty bloggers, so how could I not purchase at least one….or maybe two of her products.

Tanya’s lip glosses and nail varnishes are available on the Feel unique website and will be coming to Superdrug stores very soon, the lip glosses cost £6.99 and the nail varnishes cost £5.99. 

I decided to try two of the lip glosses, I spent ages swooning and gazing at the stunning array of shades and the cutely named products, (my favourite has to be the Harry Potter themed mischief managed, how adorable is that). Tanya handpicked the names herself and I think they capture her fun and bubbly personality perfectly.

I decided to go with the shades ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘Aurora’, both pink toned shades, yes I know more pink in my collection, but you can never have too much pink, right? Afternoon tea is a more creamy consistency and aurora has a shimmery glitter pigmented finish. 

 I was so excited when I received my glosses, but like a good blogger I snapped some pictures of the super pretty packaging for you.

The glosses glide onto the lips beautiful, they aren’t sticky and left my lips feeling moisturised and hydrated, the formula has a high shine finish and isn’t too sheer and has just the right amount of colour pigmentation that they can either be worn alone or on top of a lipstick.

The applicator is sponge doe foot style wand which makes application nice and easy and gives the lips a glossy wet look.

I also had the mention these glosses smell divine, I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly it reminds me off, but they smell so sweet and yummy, almost good enough to eat…..but please don’t, it would only be a waste of a beautiful gloss.

So if you haven’t noticed I have fallen head over heels in love with these glosses, I think my favourite is aurora I have literally been wearing it everyday, its just the perfect every day pink gloss. I can’t wait to try some more shades. I would love to know if you have tried any of the Tanya Burr range and your thoughts.


Thanks for reading Lovelies.


Left- afternoon tea 
Right- aurora 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Baftas Best dressed

I have spent another Sunday watching E live from the red carpet taking note of my best dressed stars of the night, and this time I did not have to stay up till all hours waiting for coverage from the USA, therefore I could go to bed at a reasonable time, but here I am blogging away to all of you, much better then sleeping. 

I won't ramble too long this time so here are my favourite looks of the night.

Lupita Nyong'o

This women can do no wrong her colourful array of gowns have wowed on the red carpet this award season, and she did not disappoint at the Baftas. Lupita looked stunning in this bright green Dior Couture gown. I adore the dramatic train on this dress it looks so elegant and graceful, and by adding coordinated gold metallic accessories it gives this look a stylish finish. Lupita just looks exquisite, this gown fits her like a glove and her makeup looks flawless and glowing. She just looks perfect, and I Lupita is swiftly becoming my favourite red carpet fashionista. 

Amy Adam's 

My next pick of the night is Amy Adams in Victoria Beckham. I am huge fan of the VB range and Mrs Beckhams style in general so it's no wonder this beautiful black ensemble caught my little eye. I love a good collar and the tailoring of this dress looks so glamours yet sophisticated on Amy. I think she just looks fabulous, big fan of this detailed piece. Now if only I could afford a VB dress for my own wardrobe I would be a very happy girl. 

Angelina Jolie 

Angelina shocked and wowed the red carpet stepping out with partner Brad Pitt in matching black tuxedos. Angelina made a daring move swapping a floor length leg baring dress for this open bow tied look and I have to say I think she looks incredible, (and I was always team Jen so this a big statement for moi). I love the tailored shirt look its sophisticated but with a sexy and original twist. Actually I am just going to have to say it.....she looks gorgeous, this is the perfect look on Angelina, they were defintley the best dressed couple to grace the red carpet. 

Samantha Barks 
Samantha Barks looks radiant in this striking vanilla nude Calvin Klien strapless peice. The dress was simple and classic yet stunning and I think by adding a statement necklace she really stood out, she looks impeccable and I love the updo hair and glowing makeup. 

Tanya Burr
Finally I had to add The beauty blogger and YouTube sensation Tanya Burr. There I was scrolling through articles of the dresses of the night when up popped Miss Tanya Burr in this delightful buttercup yellow Coast one shouldered gown and she looks beautiful.  I even did a little excited scream when I saw her, bexause as crazy as it sounds I warch Tanya ob youtube so much feel like I know her and she is a friend, I suppose that is what a YouTube obsession does to you.  This dress looks perfect on her, the colour is ideal shade for her auburn brown locks. she just looks beautiful. 
I think Tanya is such an inspiration it's so amazing to see how hard she has worked to make a name for herself in the beauty world. It's incredible to see someone from the beauty blogging world achieving thier dreams, it really inspires me to keep following mine, who knows maybe one day I might make it to an award show, a girl can dream.  Actually I have another Tanya Burr related post coming your way later this week, can you guess what it's about? 

So that's it my round up of my favourite dresses and looks from the Bafta's this year, I am now sitting patiently waiting for the big Oscar night in two weeks, I have the popcorn ready. 

Thanks for reading lovelies, I would lreally love to hear your thoughts on the Bafta's fashion this year. 

Sunday Favourites

So I spent most of last week in the delightful land of snot. 

Yes I had a cold, it was awful I was in a foul mood, I would go as far as saying I think I had man flu! Hence the lack of action here at Emma Louise Dreams. Okay I am a being a tad dramatic. 

However, I am back to full health so I thought I would distract my self from a psychology report I have to write up for my open university course and share with you my Sunday favourites instead. Such a good student! 
 Juice detox 
You will notice this week there is a bit of of healthy theme to my favourites. I am trying very hard to keep up with a healthy diet and life style at the moment. I am a foodie I love food, good food and good food is quite often calorific. So I have come to the realisation that to enjoy the food and baked goods I so love, I need to eat a healthy diet 90% of the time and then can indulge without feeling guilty. Yes I am a genuis its only taken 5 years to come to this conclusion. Which led me to think about doing a juice detox to kick off my healthy eating so I have been searching different juice detoxes. If you have done one let me know what you thought? 

To put it simply I really want a hat. Any hat similar to the above will do. I think they just look so chic and stylish and really finish off an outfit. 

Overnight oatmeal 
Back to healthy eating. I am not a morning person in any way shape or form . I wake up very grumpy and will stay in bed as long as I possibly can, which then results in me rushing around like a mad women and normally stuffing breakfast in my mouth, so attractive. I really liked the idea of these overnight oats I saw on the Yummylife blog, you do all the prep the night before so all you have to do in the morning is eat. Sounds perfect to me. 

Wizard of Oz 
The wizard of Oz was one of my favourite films as a child, the red shoes alone are reason enough I think! I would probably pin point this as the moment my shoe obsession began, although now I think about it I have never had a pair of red sparkly shoes, I need to sort this out! Anyway back to the film I watched this 3 times while I was poorly, made me feel a little bit better. 

Frozen yogurt pops
These frozen yogurt and fruit ice lollies looks like such a yummy snack. So good I am running to the fridge to make them now. 

So there it is my Sunday favourites, thanks got reading beauts I hope you had a lovely weekend.  

Friday, 7 February 2014

John Frieda luxurious volume

Growing up watching Disney films has really given me an unrealistic idea of hair, after years of gazing princesses with long thick flowing locks; of course I thought my hair should look like that. 

Unfortunately I was blessed with limp thin hair, fantastic! 

I am sure you can appreciate my excitement when I find a new volume promising hair product.
For the last month I have been using John frieda luxurious volume touch ably full shampoo and conditioner.

When it comes to hair products I don’t have much volume expectancy, I just have struggled to find many products that give my hair the lift and volume I desire, hence my love of clip in hair extensions. 

However I have been pleasantly surprised by the results of my John Frieda luxurious volume shampoo and conditioner. Now don’t get me wrong this did not give me extreme volume as I so desire, but I have finally accepted my hair will never magically become thick and flowing but I definitely saw immediate and noticeable results from this range.

I noticed after blow drying that my hair appeared much fuller, bouncier, softer and more voluminous, very impressive so far! The clear gel formula of the shampoo meant my hair still felt light and was not weighed down by product. 

The conditioner had a creamy consistency and left my hair really soft and shiny but still with added volume, so far so good. 

Then the scent, this combination smells so nice left my hair with a clean, fresh aroma and even my fiancĂ© commented on how nice my hair smelt after using this, and I have since noticed he has been using it too. 

Than finally the price, I really struggle with paying lots of money on shampoo and conditioner so for the tiny £5.99 price tag it’s a bargain.

So overall the John Frieda luxurious volume range is a winner in my eyes and I will definitely repurchase. 

It has given my hair noticeable added volume and bounce without weighing my hair down, it smells divine and with the high street price tag its very affordable.

I would love to know if you have tried this range and what you think of the shampoo and conditioner. Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Wish list

I am currently trying very, very hard to save my pennies, does anyone else find as soon as you decide to start saving you notice all the beautiful and pretty items you would like to blow your savings on. Well this is my current predicament so rather then spend I am going to share with you all what I am lusting after.

1. Nike air max trainers, in pink of course. My current thoughts if I have pretty pink trainers I will want to go to the gym more, that is what I keep telling myself.

2. Naked 3 palette, some how I have managed to resisted purchasing this beautiful rose gold palette, but I can feel myself cracking when my blog feed is full of reviews and swatches.

3.Clarisonic Mia, I am really trying to take care of my skin at the moment and so many people have told me there skin was so much clearer after using this. Of course again in pink, I see a recurring theme here.
4. Nars Turkish delight lip gloss, I think this looks like a really pretty baby pink toned gloss.

5.Laura Mercier creme brulee souffle body cream. Every time I walk past a Laura Mercier counter I find myself sniffing at the divine array of creams and this particular scent smells like a dream and I need this in my life.

6. Neom candle. I love candles and have never owned a Neom candle and constantly reading blog posts with these in the background has convinced me I need to see what all the hype is about.

7. Orgins drink me up mask, recently at a bloggers chat I asked for skin care recommendations to get my skin in tip top condition for my wedding, and this overnight mask was the most recommended product. My boot points are rather high at the moment so I think this mask will be in possession very soon, watch this blog space (see what I did there).

8.Diptyque Eau Duelle perfume, this scent has been popping up quite a bit recently in posts and YouTube videos and this vanilla blend fragrance sounds like the perfect perfume for me, just a shame about the hefty price tag. Its my birthday in a week so who knows (family if you are reading hint hint).

9. Tom ford lipstick, these lipsticks look like pure lip stick luxury and I am desperate to add a bit of of the TF elegance into my lipstick collection. My signature shade is a nude pink, so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know in the comment section.

10. Finally another candle, for the same reasons as Neom candles, I blame fellow bloggers for my desire for a Jo Malone candle.

So there is it just some of the things I would love to purchase, but I will keep trying my hardest not too. Although writing this post was pure torture because I have just reminded myself why I want/ need these products in my life. (of course I am being totally dramatic and I am will of course be absolutely fine without another candle or lip product in my life, but a girl can dream.)

Thanks for reading Lovlies

Monday, 3 February 2014

Bridal beauty checklist

Today I thought I would share with you my Bridal Beauty Checklist. I created this when I first booked my wedding being the over organised, beauty and make up lover bride I am ,it was important for me to keep in check with all my appointments and at home treatments. I think it's important to consider your beauty treatments and what looks you want to try for your wedding, because well it's the biggest day of your life and we all really want to look the best you possibly can. 

I am very lucky that my cousin is a beautician and it was fairly easy for me to book in for regular and try treatments and products. She has also given me lots of advice on the best times to have different treatments, and I think I will be seeing a lot of her in the lead up to my wedding. So I thought it might be helpful for me to share my check list and help out any other bride's to be out there. 

If you can think of anything I could add to my check list let me know in the comment box below I would love to hear your ideas. 

Description: Description: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7xBxZss92As/UbDwqfXr6eI/AAAAAAAAA6k/SvTSLzXApZU/s1600/signiture.jpg


My wedding beauty checklist:


6- 12 months before:

·         Decide on a beauty budget so you know exactly what you can spend and what treatments you get booked.

·         Book your hair stylist and makeup artists and pay any deposits.

·         Start a beauty folder; collect some makeup and hair looks you like. I have found Pintrest great for researching bridal makeup and hair styles.

·         Book in all your pre wedding beauty treatments.

·         Go to the dentist and start any dental work you want doing before the wedding.

·         If you want to change your hair style or colour, do it now. This gives you plenty of time to dye it back or regrow if you don’t like it.



4-6 months before:

·        Book in your hair and make trails, get together the pictures from your beauty folder and narrow down your favourite hair and makeup looks. If you don’t like a style or look tell the stylist, it’s your big day and you don’t want to look back at wedding pictures and not be happy with the way you looked.

·        Start having regular facials ( I am having one a month starting 4 months before) and at home pamper nights with a good face mask to get your skin looking flawless for the big day.

·        Test out any skin and body products, once you have found a good routine, stick to it and don’t change it again before your wedding, you don’t want your skin to react to any new products.

·        Make sure your drinking lots of water

·        Start going to Yoga, ok so this isn’t really beauty related, but Yoga is great for distressing your mind and body so will, so less stress less spots, well that’s what I find anyway.

1 month before

·        Get a trim so your split end free. 

·        Start any teeth whitening, if you’re having them done professionally go to the dentist, I have heard lots of salon horror stories. If you can’t afford to go the dentist why not try at home teeth whitening kit, just do some research on different kits. I really liked whitening lightening dial a smile kit.

·        Have a facial and manicure.



2 Weeks before:


·         Get your hair coloured, I have the top of my hair dyed platinum blonde so two weeks gives me enough time to use any toners to keep it looking white and ashy, but a short enough time period that I won’t have any dark roots.

·         If you can pay your hair and make artist pay them now, that way you’re not rushing around in the morning sorting out cash.


1 week before the wedding:

·         Have your browns tinted and shaped in your desired shape colour, I personally have HD brows. If your trying out a new look, have a trail done a few months to make sure you like the finish look,  last thing you want is your eye brows going wrong because they shape your whole face.

·         Any waxing, legs, bikini etc. Having it done now will eliminate any redness or sores caused by waxing, to heal in good time.

·         I have personally booked a massage for the week before, I am predicting I am going to be pretty stressed and/ or flustered by this point so a nice relaxing massage will be just what I need.

·         I am staying in the hotel where the reception is being held the night before my wedding with all my family.  So I will be packing my overnight bag with all my essentials. I imagine the next week is going to be a hectic one this is something I can prepare now to make life a little easier and also I am far less likely to forget something.

·         Have your final facial today, a good facial will leave you looking a bit red and sore, and this wouldn’t be a good look too close to your wedding day


1-2 days before the wedding:

·         If you’re having a spray tan today is the day (2 days before) to do it, don’t try and do it in the morning and please and please go to a professional and have a trail first.

·         If you’re having individual false eye lashes have this done today (2 days before), but please have the patch test before a swollen eye would not be a good look in your wedding photos.

·         Manicure and pedicure time, make sure your nails are in tip top condition everyone will be looking your newly placed wedding ring and chipped nails would not be a good look. I am personally having gel nails in a neutral colour.

·         Final hair wash before the big day, used a deep conditioning treatment to leave your hair silky soft. I am considering going to the hair dressers for a wash and blow dry, my hair always looks much more voluminous and bouncy after a trip to the hairdresser so this might be a better option than me getting annoyed with my limp, fine hair. However, this will be dependent on my beauty budget by this time.

·         Apply an at home brightening face mask, do not use any kind of pore opening mask, you don’t want any pimples showing up on the morning of the biggest day of your life.

·         Don’t drink too much but enjoy a glass of bubbly with your bridal party.

Your wedding day:

·         Have a shower 4-5 hours before makeup and hair stylist arrives; use a good shower cap to ensure your hair doesn’t get wet. Some brides may wash their hair on the day but hair is much more likely to stay in my desired style if I wash it the day before.

·         Arrival of hair and makeup 3 hours before, give yourself plenty of time, you don’t want to be rushing as rushing will lead to stressing.

·         Ask one of your bridesmaids to look after a small bag for you with any touch up products you want to take along to the venue. I am actually getting ready at my venue so this isn’t an issue for me.

·         Last thing before you walk out the door, a spritz of perfume! Then you are on your way to meet your Groom and enjoy the biggest and most exciting day of your life.


Good luck and Enjoy



L'Oreal true match review

I hope your all having a good day and this horrid weather isn’t getting you down in the dumps. I love winter in the lead up to Christmas but by the time February arrives I am over it and can’t wait for spring summer to arrive…I just want to wear the pastels that look so pretty in my wardrobe again, I miss them.

Today I wanted to share with you a new foundation I have been trying out. If you’re a regular reader of my blog I am sure you will be well aware of the fact I am foundation junkie, guilty as charged! I just can’t help myself I have a very large foundation collection, enough for 10 people, but I am still always on the hunt for that perfect foundation.

My newest foundation find has been L’Oreal true match foundation. I had never tried this foundation before, and it wasn’t until I read a blog post by Amelia over at Amelia Lianna that it caught my eye. Amelia did a whole post about this foundation being a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation. I adore the luminous silk foundation, but it is on the pricey side so of course I had to try L’Oreal true match to see if it was really as good. If you want to read Amelia’s post check it out here, http://liana-beauty.com/2014/01/budget-buy-giorgio-armani-luminous-silk-dupe/ I love Amelia’s blog and YouTube channel, she is one of my favourite beauty gurus, so go check her out if you haven’t already.

Ok what did I think of L’Oreal true match? I am just going to come out and I say it, I Love this foundation, with a capital L, where has it been hiding all my life! First off the cost,  for the small price tag of £9.99 it’s a good price, slightly more than the average high street foundation, but completely worth it. The packaging is attractive and I think it looks like a high end bottle, and it has a pump, hooray!

This is a medium coverage foundation, but is buildable. I purchased this foundation in two shades rose beige and golden beige, the mixture of these two tones is the perfect look for skin. I have been using my real techniques expert face brush to apply this foundation and then use my buffing brush to  blend everything together,  I think it blends beautifully into my skin not leaving it patchy in any way.

The finish of the L’Oreal true match foundation is very similar to the luminious silk foundation in that it gives your skin a matte finish but with a beautiful radiant and rosey glow to the skin. I would say the true match foundation is slightly more matte than the Giorgio Armani foundation. This finish is exactly what I look for in a foundation, a formula that gives me a matte look but with a dewy finish to it, so my skin still has a slight glimmering glow to it.

The lasting power of this foundation is also a hit, I do use primer and powder, due to my oily T zone area, but found it lasts around 6-7 hours before any touching up again, and I rarely wear make up for this long, as soon as get home I take my make up off to let me skin breathe.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this foundation, if you haven’t already noticed! It’s very similar to the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, so I probably won’t repurchase GA anytime soon, my bank balance will be very pleased. L’Oreal and Giorgio Armani are actually owned by the same company so it’s not surprising the formula of the two foundations are very similar, to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not made in the same factory. This foundation leaves my skin looking flawless and glowing, I would definitely recommend.

I would love to know if you have tried this foundation and your thoughts, I love reading your comments and finding new blogs to read so please leave your links with your comments.

Thanks for reading beauties. 



Sunday, 2 February 2014

I <3 Stationary

Ok so I have a weakness when it comes to shopping and spending, and this weekend I had a particular weakness for cute girly stationary. I am such a geek and get so excited about stationary, it's a problem but I love it. 

I am currently planning my wedding (I may have mentioned it a couple of times) so I wanted to get a few bits and bobs to organise all my wedding plans and pictures into one place. I am such a perfectionist and hate all my stuff being disordered so I was on an organisation project this weekend, I was a women on a mission. 

My mission took me to wilkinson and I fell in love with beau chic stationary range, it's a really cute mint green and baby pink collection with a Paris theme design. I don't know what it is but anything related to Paris I want it, my apartment has got a Paris decor theme going on so this collection caught my eye instantly. The colours are so pretty and feminine and thought they would look so chic on my desk.  

So here is what I got: 

A5 Beau chic notebook for £1.00 

Wilko Beau Chic Ring Binder j'aime Paris Design Multi-Coloured for £1.50 

 Wilko Beau Chic Writing & Stationary Set for £2.50 

Beau chic pencil tin with flowers for £1.50 

2x Paris and flowers plastic folder, I can't find these online or my receipt but I think they were less than £1.00

Than I bought some love heart post it notes, my house in covered in post on notes. Finally some coloured sticky tabs.  

All together I spend a tiny £9.80 which I think is bargain for all the lovely little things I got, you can your here at http://www.wilko.com/stationery-collections/beau-chic-stationery/icat/beau-chic-stationery

I really love my beautiful finds I think they so cute and pretty and can't wait to start using them, I know I know, I am such a geek. 

Let me know if you also get excited about stationary and organisation, hopefully I am not the only one. 

Thanks for reading beauts