Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wake me up, stay matte....worth the hype?


Hello ladies (and gentlemen) I hope your all having a lovely week and looking forward to the weekend, I feel like I haven’t really stopped the last month, my dairy has been packed full to the brim and I have struggled to sit down properly and have a minute….and now I do have a minute I am bored so decided to blog instead.

Today’s post is all about Rimmel’s Wake me up foundation and the Stay Matte powder also by Rimmel. Now I have spoken about these two products a number of times on my blog, but over the spring and summer months I have found myself reaching for these two products daily so I felt they deserved their own post to gush about my love for them.  

Now I know there is blog posts everywhere about these products so I am a little late jumping on the bandwagon but both these products have been in my makeup bag ever since I purchased them , so just proves in my opinion the hype is deserved, so here goes….

The Wake me up foundation is without a doubt my all-time favourite drug store foundation, yes this is a bold statement but I really have never used a drugstore foundation as much as I love this one. The foundation has the small price tag of £8.99, I normally stock up on these when they have a Rimmel 3 for 2 sale so I save myself some money…well saving money in the grand scheme make up purchasing that it.

The Wake me up foundation is a medium coverage foundation but gives the skin a dewy and radiant glow, so literally does ‘Wake up’ my skin, cheesy I know but it does. I find its perfect for a natural, glowing look but can then be built up for a full evening coverage that still has an illuminating finish . I use a combination of my real techniques stippling and buffing brush to apply this foundation, I find the buffing brush just blends everything together nicely. I would imagine this foundation could be a good one if you like to use your hands/ fingers to apply foundation as it’s not too thich, but I am just not a fan of the hand and foundation combination and much prefer using a brush…it’s a germ thing I have slight OCD about it, (I am constantly washing brushes due to my germ phobia, but that’s a whole separate post). The foundation also has added SPG 15 so great to wear when the sun is shining.

My skin type is combination so I get the lovely mixture of oily and dry areas on my skin, the oily areas particularly surface around the T zone and often find half way through the day/ night my T zone is start to oil up. That is where the Stay Matte powder comes in; this again is my favourite drugstore powder I have used. It only costs £3.99 so it’s a complete bargain. I buy this powder in the shade translucent so it doesn’t have any colour, but I like that as I don’t like the over powdered look, there are coloured shades available in this powder though if you like a bit more coverage. This powder is very light weight but still keeps my skin incredibly matte for the day ahead and keeps all the nasty oils at bay. No matter what foundation I am using whether it is high end of drugstore I always finish my skin with this powder and it really finishes my face. So are these products worth the hype?......well if you haven't guessed, Yes! 

So have you tried either the wake me foundation or stay matte powder? I would love to hear your thoughts.  If you haven’t tried them, I urge you to go to your nearest boots (other stores are available: P) and purchase this foundation and powder, go and give it a try, or if you have a questions please comment away.


Thanks for reading lovlies.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea

Good evening lovely readers, tonight I am taking a side step from my usual beauty and fashion rumblings and going to blog about the mad hatters afternoon tea at Sanderson hotel in London........ 

Me and my sister had planned a weekend to London to do some sightseeing and theatre trips, so I thought it was also a great excuse to go for a really special afternoon tea.  Those who know me well will know I am obsessed with Disney and Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite fairy tales, I even hosted my very own mad hatter’s afternoon tea for my Birthday this year. So when I heard about a mad hatter’s themed afternoon tea at The Sanderson Hotel, I am sure you can imagine my excitement.  So I went ahead and booked it, I instantly received a confirmation email inviting me to ‘Tumble down the rabbit hole and enjoy the wonderful world of tea in the beautiful garden courtyard’, from that point onwards I was counting down the days.

I was so excited when we  finally did ‘Tumble down the rabbit hole’, our table set with unique crockery,  a charming musical jewellery box filled with lumps of sugar, an old fashioned leather bound book which had the afternoon menu placed inside and napkins with a riddle wrapped around them.

Then our lovely waitress (I can’t remember her name but she was great and very helpful) came over and brought us samples of the tea on offer, we had a good sniff and smell of the tea blends and aromas and decide on a pot of Strawberry and cream tea and mint chocolate chip, they were both very yummy, refreshing, sweet tasting teas.

Then our three tired cake tray was brought out, it was filled with a mixture of sweet and savory treats, which looked delightful and me my sister just sat, gazed and snapped away for a few minutes before we even tried anything. The bottom section was complete with an array of sandwiches, including smoked ham on tomato bread, cucumber and chive cream on spinach bread, smoked salmon and lemon butter on rye bread and finally egg mayonnaise on lemon bread, my favorite was definitely the smoked salmon. Then there was a selection of sweet and savory scones served with herb butter, fruit jam and clotted cream which were very tasty.  

Then we moved on to the drink me bottle, we advised by our waitress to drink this before starting on the cakes.  The drink me potion consisted of three layers, passion fruit jelly, coconut cream and banana puree, and although unlike Alice the little potion did not make me it taller  it was a real treat for the taste buds and great preparation for the sweet indulgence which was yet to come.

So we moved onto the cake tray where the fun really began, this was filled with three cakes, the first I tried was the Melting mango cheese cake with an outer layer of white chocolate, incredibly sweet and fruity but tasted like a dream. Then we tried the matcha green tea white chocolate mousse which was served in a edible chocolate tea cup complete with popping candy on the top, again this was very sweet and sickly but perfect for a chocolate lover like myself. Then finally we delved into the ‘tick tock’ Victoria sponge, which had been decorated to look like a little pocket clock, it almost looked too good to eat, but I still managed to munch my way through this lovely little cake which was definitely my favourite cake of the three.  Finally we hit the top layer and indulged over selves with the carrot meringue and strawberry and cream marshmallow mushrooms.

After all the eating and drinking me and Laura (my sister) left the Sanderson on a slight sugar high, full tummies and chatting all the way back to the hotel about what a fantastic time we had, and our favourite food and specifics from the afternoon tea.

As soon as we arrived at the beautiful outdoor Suka restaurant till the moment we left, I and Laura were wowed by our afternoon tea experience; they stuck to the Alice and wonderland theme perfectly with their enchanting and original touches, the attention to detail was immaculate and really made the day a stand out  part of our trip. So if you’re looking for a unique spin on traditional British afternoon tea I urge you to try the mad hatters afternoon tea, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading lovelies.