Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spring Fashion Haul

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, mine has mostly consisted of studying for my open university exams in a few weeks, socialising with friends and family, wedding planning and eating.

So, its been a jammed packed weekend...oh and some how I managed to fit in a spot of shopping, so I am treating you to a little fashion haul.

 I didn't buy everything at once,  although it has been known in the past, but I am 'supposed' to be saving at the moment. Anyway  this is a collective haul of a few bits and bobs I have picked up over the last weeks in preparation for my holiday to Dubai next week.

Be prepared for lots of pastels and floral patterns coming your way.

These adorable floral dungarees were £9 from Primark. I saw them the other day in Primark and literally did a little gasp, ran and grabbed them, I just thought they looked so cute and pretty and I think they would go perfectly with a white shirt. Literally cant wait to wear these.

 Sticking with the floral theme my next purchase from Primark was this lovely colourful floral shirt. Like the play suit above I just couldn't resit this, its a beautiful minty green shade which is my favourite colour to wear in the spring summer, it a collared shirt which I love and it has flowers, what more could a girl want. This cute shirt cost me £12.

Then I popped these light weight polka dot shorts in my basket. I love polka dots and again I would team this with a shirt or a peter pan collared top. For £5 I couldnt resist and I had to have them for my holiday.

Finally from Primark is this polka dot denim skater dress which cost £12. I love skater style dress they are really comfortable and easy to wear. Again more polka dots, I have worn this a few times already and really like this dress. I feel very Kate Middy in this. 

Next up is a lovely blue summer dress from Topshop. I purchased this with a voucher I got for my birthday and I was inspired to buy this by Laura over at buy now blog later. This is a beautiful shade for summer. This dress is slightly too big for me so I would add a brown belt to give it some definition. I cant find this online at the moment but it cost £34.

Now I have a few bits from MissGuided which has quickly become my favourite online shop, there are so many pretty clothes I would love to add to my wardrobe, however I managed to resist and just get a few things.  The first thing I bought was this blue and white mini dress you can find it here. It was £19.99 and I love the pretty pattern on this dress.

Then I got this lemon yellow curve hem skirt, this would go really nicely with a white shirt or vest top. I don't own very much yellow clothing so I am really looking forward to brightening up my summer wardrobe. You can find this skirt here for £14.99.

So I have yet another pastel blue dress, can you see a trend going on in this haul. This blue and white contrast dress will be perfect for my holiday, whether is a day of shopping or a spot of lunch in the sunshine. This dress was a bargain at £19.99, I think dress looks much more then small price tag, there is somethung very Zara like about it, you can get yours here.

Finally from Miss guided is this lilac tailored coat, I have been desperate for a pastel coat for so long now and I instantly fell in love with this beautiful coat, and I got even more excited when I saw it was only £34, most of the long pastel coats I had seen were going to cost me upwards of £70 so for under half the price I was instantly sold, and well its just so pretty. Unfortunately the purple shade is currently out of stock but you can get it in pink or brown here, I am so tempted to purchase the pink shade too, but for now I will resist temptation.

Finally is a really sweet pale pink dress with a white collar from BooHoo. Remember what I was saying about collars? I am literally obsessed. This a great dress for a summer day or with black tights and ballerina pumps for a day in the office. I cant find the orginal dress on the boohoo website, but here is a very similar design. 

So there you have it, my spring fashion haul, all ready for my summer holiday. Now I have snapped everything up I off to pack my suit case and hide my bank card somewhere to stop me spending. Wish me Luck.

Thank for reading

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger


While reading blogs It would be easy to assume the beauty blogger behind the blog is perfect in regards to their makeup, skin care and hair routine.

Well I thought I would do a little post today to show you that in my case any way (and I am sure I am not the only one) this couldn’t be further from the truth

. I am not perfect, no one is and thought it might be nice for my readers to get to know a little bit more about me and my flaws. 

Hopefully you will all still continue to read my blog, after admitting I don’t religiously stick to every beauty rule out there.

1.       Sometimes (just sometimes) if I have had a long day and I feeling lazy before bed, I am very naughty and use a face wipe to remove all my makeup. Not even a nice high end face wipe, we are talking the £1 wipes from Primark! 


2.       I hardly ever get my full 8 hours of beauty sleep a night.


3.       I am so impatient when it comes to painting my nails. I cant sit still for very long so normally end up smudging, re applying do the same again, have a paddy and take it off. To stop any possible melt downs I tend to go for Shellac nails at my local beauticians.


4.       I quite often forget to use heat defence on my hair before blow drying or straightening.


5.       I am a little bit clumsy when it comes to tanning,  I manage to get fake tan everywhere. I have ruined so many towels, desperately scrubbed carpets and walls to remove evidence and permanently stained quite a few parts of both my mum’s and my bathroom.


6.       Thankfully I have discovered contouring and highlighting, I am no expert but I have definitely moved on from the days of furiously applying bronzer all over my face. Cringe!


7.       I still haven’t mastered winged eye liner, I have tried and tried and tried, but failed. No matter what I do one eye always seems different to the other, maybe it’s because I am perfectionist and that 1mm different really does bug me, but I just can't get it right. 


8.       I am not very good at relaxing, when I do decide to have a pamper and a bubble bath I can quite often me found applying a bubble beard 5 minutes in.


9.       I very rarely curl my lashes, maybe it’s the lash curler I use but I really cant see a difference when I curl them or don’t, maybe I am doing something wrong, or maybe they just don’t work for me, who knows. 


10.   Finally, I am dyslexic, I can’t spell very well at all and I rely heavily on spell check and reading my writing numerous times to correct my many mistakes (sometimes I spell so badly the spell checker can’t even try and figure out what I am attempting to write), but no matter how many times I check my work there still seems to be some errors or even whole words missing. So yes some of my post aren’t perfectly written or spelt correctly, but I just try and write naturally and think about how I would talk to a friend and if there is  mistake here and there I am sure it’s not really going to hurt anyone is it? Being dyslexic does put me at big disadvantage as it takes me twice as long to complete any kind of learning or writing task. However, I don’t let it stop me and when I think about it, it actually makes me really proud for starting and writing my blog and not letting dyslexia stop me from doing something I enjoy. 


So there you have it that’s me and my imperfections. I would love to hear your beauty confessions, because well nobody’s perfect are they.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pink Pout Picks

left to right, Showy matte balm, lip butter strawberry shortcake, mac girl about town, mac creme cup, mac girl next door, aurora by tanya burr

Hello everyone, Sorry for the lack of posts this week, blame university work combined with a full time job while trying to my wedding, but I am one of those people who tries to spin about 100 plates at once so I have no one to blame but myself.

When it comes to my pout I am a fan of all things pink, be it bright pink, baby pink, nude pink, shimmery pink, you name it, its probably in my slightly large lip collection.

So today I wanted to share with you my top pink lip products....if you hadn't already guessed.

Revlon lip butter- Strawberry Shortcake
For regular readers of my blog this lip product will come as no surprise, I am a big fan of the Lip Butters from Revlon and rave about them regularly. The lip butters are a great every day lip product, they are a buttery balm with great pigmentation and a glossy finish. There are normally 2 (maybe 3) of these lip butters floating around my handbag. My favourite shade is strawberry shortcake, its a lovely everyday pink shade, which really compliments any skin tone. Strawberry short cake is a creamy soft baby pink shade, with lilac undertones, but I find its not too blue and frosty toned. Its my go to lip products and I wont admit how many of these I have been through it the past year....cough cough three.

Mac Girl About Town
As most beauty bloggers I have a love affair for Mac Lipsticks (and eye shadows but that's a different post). I just love Mac for lipsticks, there is so many pretty shades and collections to browse and pick from, I love the formula's and they aren't too pricey either.Girl About Town was the first bright lipstick from Mac, I was influenced by Tanya Burr and one of her tutorials if I remember rightly. Its a beautiful bright fushia pink shade and is a amplified cream formula, so its unlike some bright shades it leaves my lips creamy and buttery and doesn't dry them out. This lipstick it is very build-able and can worn lightly for the day time but build up for an evening look and this lipstick does not budge at all, which is great for a night out. This is one of my favorite bright lip sticks and I think its a great first bold lip colour if your not too confident with bright lip colours.

Mac Girl next door
Sticking with Mac my next favourite is one of the pieces from the Archie girl collection, its nothing to do with the super cute packaging, promise. Girl Next Door is a luster formula and the shade is a very light pastel opaque toned pink with blue under tones, so this wont be everyone's cup of tea, but I personally love it. It gives my lips a sheer pink finish and I find this works really well with a dramatic smokey eye. Not looking forward to the day this little beauty runs out so if anyone has a dupe please let me know.

Mac Creme Cup
Sorry one more mac lipstick, last one promise. This is my go to Mac lipstick for everyday. Creme cup is a cream sheen which is my favourite mac formula, because as the name suggests it leaves my lips soft and creamy. Creme cup is a soft pink nude shade and gives me lips the perfect pink glow with just one swipe of colour. 

Aurora By Tanya Burr
As soon as I heard Tanya Burr was releasing her lip gloss and nail collection I knew I would be purchasing a few bits and pieces. Tanya's make up tutorials were the first I ever watched on YouTube and I have been addicted to make up and beauty tutorials and blogs ever since, which then led me to write my own little blog, so I have a lot to thank Miss Tanya Burr for, thanks Tanya I am now a make addict, but I wouldn't have it any other way. So anyway enough fan girl rambling, back to the gloss. Aurora is a really great everyday light pink toned gloss with a subtle glittery particles. Worm alone this gloss gives the lips a really pretty pink sheen and is great to give you a pop of pink colour, buts its also great over the top of a nude pink colour to give it a shimmery finish. I also have the gloss in ' Afternoon Tea' but I need to try some more because these glosses are amazing, they are long lasting, really well pigmented and smell so yummy. You can read my full review here.

Revlon Colourbust Matte Balm in Showy
This is a bit of a new lip product to my collection, I did a full review of this balm as well as two of the Lacquer balms here. I am not normally a fan of matte lipsticks or products but I have fallen in love with this balm. I think because its a balm formula with added coconut, mango and shae butter it leaves your lips soft and hydrated but with a matte finish. I love the shade of this balm too its not to dissimilar to 'Girl about town' from Mac, in that its a bold bright pink with purple undertones but it has a more opaque finish. This can be worn more as more of a sheer bright pink in the day and then built up with a few more coats for a more dramatic bold finish.

So that's it my favourite pink pout picks, or simply put my favourite pink lip products. Do you have any favourites I need to try.

Thanks for reading lovlies