Thursday, 19 September 2013

L'Oreal telescopic mascara

Hello lovelies

I hope you have all had a great week and wrapping up warm after the drop in temperature. Dare I say I enjoy the autumn and winter weather, yes it’s cold but that’s what fires and thick knitted jumpers were made for?  My perfect evening  consists of get the fire going, putting on my thick pjs and  fluffy socks, wrapping  myself up in my blanket, lighting some candles and sipping on a hot chocolate while watching a film or getting lost in a book….sounds like heaven.  Also autumn also means I can start to get excited about Christmas, I absolutely love Christmas I really am like a big kid, I love putting my tree up and decorating my flat.


Anyway I feel like I am loosing track, focus Emma. When it comes to my lashes I have used one product religiously for the well over a year, if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know by now this is the bloggers favourite Maybelline the falsies. This is hands down the best mascara I have ever tried; it gives lots of volume and lengthens my lashes. I was not in the market for new mascara but there I was in Boots eyeing up some L’Oreal goodies and it was 3 for 2 and I already had two products so thought it would be a waste not to get my third free, that’s when L’Oreal Telescopic caught my eyes. I had heard some really good reviews about this mascara so thought it was worth a try.

My natural eye lashes are very blonde (practically invisible) but they are quite long and thick. So I went for the carbon black mascara because even though I am blonde I do like dark. I have given my falsies mascara a well-deserved holiday and used this for a few weeks and here are my thoughts so far. 

The Good

·         The wand. There has been quite mixed reviews about the unique comb shape of this wand, but personally I find it works really well on my lashes. The wand managed to separate my lashes well which therefore allows the mascara to lengthen my lashes really well, more so than any other mascara has done, so massive plus there for this product.

·         The formula doesn’t smudge or drop down off the lashes….no panda eyes, which is always a plus.

·         I find this mascara lasted all day and night without any reapplication needed.

·         The Carbon black shade, as the name is suggests is very very dark, which as I mentioned above I am a big fan of.

·         Going back to the wand I find because it’s a comb applicator that it applies to my bottom lashes really well and adds lots of length.

The Bad

·         The cost, as good as it is without my 3 for 2 deal this would have cost £10.99 which for a high street product I find quite steep, saying that I think high street mascaras in general are very overpriced.

·         Volume. Ok so it lengthens my lashes very well but I don’t think it adds much volume and too much of this mascara can leave you with spider leg looking lashes. Which leads me nicely on to my fabulous idea……?

Ok so as you can see there were some very good points to the telescopic mascara, but the lack of volume was an issue so that’s when it hit me. what if I mixed this mascara with my Falsies mascara? so  first I applied the L’Oreal mascara and then applied the Maybelline mascara over the top, and there you have it I am a genius (very modest) I have found my perfect mascara combination not only are my lashes extended but they have the volume from the falsies mascara too. 


Would love to hear your thoughts on either mascara if you have tried them, as I know there are lots of mixed reviews. I am still unable to reply to comments at the moment which is so annoying but I am trying very hard to figure out what the problem is and I will reply to every single comment on my blog when I do.


Thanks for reading lovelies.


Monday, 9 September 2013

Mac creme cup lipstick

Hello Lovelies

So yes I went shopping, yes I went to Mac and yes I bought a lipstick, because a girl can never have too many Mac lipsticks right?. As many of you will know I am a big fan of the pink lip be it pale pink, nude pink or bright pink I will wear it. Crème cup by Mac had been on my extremely long Mac wish list for a while. Yes I have a separate Mac wishlist then a general make up wish list, purely because the list was getting too long, so felt this was a clever way of cutting it slightly (although I haven’t cut it at all really, so rather pointless actually).

Anyway back to the crème cup, this lipstick is a Cremesheen formulation, which is my favourite because as the name suggests the texture of the lipstick is incredibly creamy and I find they glide on the lips like a dream. I find the Cremesheen lipsticks very hydrating and moisturising and they don’t dry up my lips like some Mac lipsticks are prone to do. This colour really stood out to me as it’s a really cute every day light nude pink shade with a pearl like finish. This shade is very wearable and find it works well for both day and evening wear. I think this lipstick is the perfect shade to compliment a dramatic smoky eye or winged out eye liner look. I can see this lipstick is going to be a favourite in Mac lipstick collection.
Have you tried Crème cup by Mac? What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 2 September 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go in coco radiance

Hello beauts,


Ok so first thing first it’s been nearly a month since my last blog post, until then I had got into a really good system of posting once or twice a week  so I am sorry posts have not been as regular. The main reason for the lack of blogging is pure and simply because I have been so busy, my summer has been full of family visiting from abroad,family gatherings, (I had my sister over dor 6 weeks),weddings, one of which was one of my best friends and I was her bridesmaid, hen dos, motor bike racing (not me on the bike, my other half is a motor bike racer) study preperstion, birthdays,general socialising and working full time phewww, so generally life has taken over….and I am not going to lie I am exhausted after a summer where my dairy has been full to brim. I am not complaining at all because I have had a great summer with some amazing and special memories, but I am ready for a weekend where I do nothing other than sit in my onsie, watch Disney, blog and eat some chocolate.

Ok so long winded ramble over, today I thought I would share with you my thoughts on a recent purchase I made, the Vaseline Spray and Go body moisturiser in Coco radiant (£4.99 from Boots). Now I have heard lots of good things about this product but I hadn’t actually planned to purchase this moisturiser, but there I was waiting in line at boots waiting to pay for a rather large make up purchase and there it was on the shelf before you reach the check out, and well it just seemed to magically have jumped into my basket. Waiting in line is a dangerous position to be in, when your allowing yourself a little splurge.

The main reason this product caught my eye was the ‘Spray and go’ slogan, I won’t lie when it comes to moisturiser I am very impatient I am not one to sit around and wait for moisturiser to dry. I normally end getting irritated, putting my clothes on before the lotion has totally dried and end up with damp sticky clothes, never a good look! so this on the go product sounded like the perfect solution.

I have used this spray for the last two weeks and I am very impressed with this high street steal. This spray and go moisturiser is so easy to use, you spray, and rub in and about 2 minutes later you are ready to go. It applies very easily, not leaving any left over product residue, which I find some lotions and moisturisers do, and you don’t need much of the product at all to cover yourself. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth, with a hint of a glow on the skin.  I adore the coco butter scent; it’s not overpowering but adds just a beautiful subtle chocolate aroma on the skin, leaving you smelling good enough to eat. The coco scent lasts really well, and as a self confessioned chocoholic this has quickly become on of my favourite smelling moisturisers in my beauty stash.  

So all in all I am very impressed with this lotion it’s affordable, easy to use, and smells incredible. So definitely one I would recommend for any fellow coco fans. Have you tried this product? What do you think of it? I love reading your comments so please comment below, however at the moment blogger won’t let me reply to any comments so I am not being ignorant just not sure what the problem is, if you can shed any light please let me know.


Thanks for reading lovelies, and hope you have a great week.