Friday, 28 June 2013

Seven deadly sins of beauty TAG

Morning everyone, I hope everyone has got a fun filled weekend I thought I would share with you 'the seven deadly sins of make up TAG' I have seen this tag floating around blogs and youtube for a while now and really enjoyed watching and reading them so thought I would give it go......

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
I have gradually been building myself a MAC palette, I wouldn't even like to admit how much this has cost me, but at £10 a eye shadow and around £18 for the palette and £8 for the inserts I will let you do the maths, eek. I haven't completely filled my palette yet I still have 5 spaces till it's all added up definitely cost me a small fortune, but I adore mac eye shadows a d use this palette nearly everyday so I like to think its a good investment, look at me trying to justify my spending.

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?
I have always struggled with creme blush and highlighters, I just find they make my skin look super oily rather then adding the desired glow. Maybe I am not applying correctly or they just don't suit my skin type. If you have any hints or tips I would live to have them, they are so many lovely creme based products I really want to try.

3. GLUTTONY: What is your most delicious beauty product?
Now I don't tend to eat my beauty products so I find this question rather odd. However, for the sake of this tag I think I will have to go with my mac lipsticks I just think they smell so yummy, sweet with a vanilla scent, probably why I love them so much.

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
I am awful for remembering to use a heat protectant on my hair, I always remember straight after I wash my hair but once it's dry the next morning whether I am straightening, rolling, curling or tonging I do generally forget to spray a heat protectant opps, naughty beauty blogger.

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self-confidence?
Make up as a whole gives me a lot more confidence, vain and shallow yes, but I love make up. If I had to choose one I thing I would go for foundation so my face can still look flawless and blemish free, but as long as I could still tint my eye lashes and have HD brows right? I have blonde eye lashes and brows that look non existent without a little helping hand, so I really couldn't choose between the three.

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
Don't really understand what this has to do with beauty, but I suppose when it comes to the appearance it's that old saying 'tall, dark and handsome' which fits my fiancé seeing as he has dark hair and is 6 foot 6, and I think he is very handsome.

7.ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
Laura mercier bath and body products have been on my wish list for so long, they look and smell so luxurious I always have a sniff at the make up stand, buts its very pricey. So seeing as I can't justify spending so much on myself this would be the perfect gift for me.....hint hint to my fiancé or any family members that may be reading.

Thank for ready lovelies, I TAG all my followers to have a go at this, if you haven't already....leave me links below if you have so I can have a look.

Lots of love

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

So today I thought I would share my thoughts on the ever popular Silk Creme Foundation by Laura Mercier.

There has been so much hype about this famous foundation and it had been on the top of my wish list for almost a year, but with the hefty price tag of £33 I just couldn't justify spending this much on a 35ml of foundation. Well that all changed about 6 weeks ago when I innocently walked around House of Fraser and found myself browsing the Laura Mercier counter, and before long the very helpful sales assistant matched me up to the shade rose ivory, which is a perfect shade for my skin and well the rest is history......

I am a total foundation junkie, I have tried and tested bottle after bottle of foundation trying to find the perfect foundation for my skin, and I have to say the silk creme foundation is at the top of my collection, closely followed by Clinque 'Even better foundation', but this little beauty has definitely become my holy grail foundation. 

The foundation is an innovative full coverage formula with a special collection of silk proteins, tea extracts and treated mica. I found the consistency of the silk creme foundation to be thick and creamy with an almost mouse like texture which feels like pure luxury on my skin. What I love about this foundation is yes it's full coverage and covers my blemishes perfectly, leaving my skin looking even and smooth (no concealer needed) but unlike most full coverage foundations it's not cakey at all and leaves my skin looking natural, hydrated and with a satin finish

Okay so this foundation will tug at your purse strings, however it's so highly pigmented a little really does go along way. I only use a pea size amount of this foundation then apply with my fingers and blend in with my real techniques expert face brush, which gives the perfect finish for my combination skin.I have been using this nearly every day since I bought it and the bottle still feels full, so it lasts really well.  I find if I finish with powder, this foundation lasts all day. I have also noticed over the last six weeks of using this foundation I have actually not had any break outs, which is so unlike my skin as most full coverage foundations (Mac I am looking at you) make my skin break out, so another tick for the silk creme foundation. 

So overall I absolutely adore this foundation it is a real luxury product which works so well for skin, yes it's on the high end pricey side but I think it's totally worth the price tag and I will definitely be repurchasing this little beauty. Have you tried the silk creme foundation? What are your thoughts? 

Thanks for reading lovelies

Only a pea sized amount needed. 

Wearing the foundation

Making silly faces while taking pictures for this post, but again wearing foundation. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Jumping on the saving ban bandwagon

Hello Ladies and gentlemen (my dad reads my blog , so better not forget himJ) I hope your all having a lovely day and looking forward to the weekend. This is just going to be a brief post about my jumping on the spending ban bandwagon.
So I have recently read a lot of posts about beauty and fashion bloggers taking part in spending bans, some even for a full 108 days, girls if you’re doing this one I take my hat off to you, I don’t think I could do it for that long. However, I did start a spending ban at the start of June after I returned from my holiday to Dubai. The next year is a big one for me, at the end of July I am going to London with my sister to celebrate her finishing her studies out in Dubai, this will be her last ‘Summer holiday home’ before she enters the big world of work so we wanted to do something special  together. Then I am planning a holiday in November, not quite sure where yet but preferably somewhere hot and sunny.  Then…..drumroll please, in 2014 I am getting married. So I really need to save and I just thought to myself, you know what? I have more than enough makeup, clothes and beauty products in my collection and do I really need anymore? The simple answer is no I don’t. As much as I want it I don’t need it.
So its day 14 of the spending ban and actually I have saved a lot of money and it hasn’t been anywhere near as hard as I expected, don’t get me wrong I have missed the excitement of coming home from work and having a delivery waiting for me, but seeing my saving accounts with more money in it is much more satisfying.  I have restrained for my usual trips to boots and online shopping splurges and only bought essentials, by that I don’t mean beauty essentials, I literally mean food and petrol….I did buy a bottle of shampoo (L’Oreal to be precise so high street price tag) as I do feel shampoo is a necessity in life, I am sure you will agree.
I am not sure exactly how long I will do the spending ban, half way through month one and I feel I can carry on for a second month, and maybe after that I will treat myself to a few bits and bobs. I have decided though since starting this ban I am going to be much more careful and selective with my spending. Not that I spend  all my wages on my materialist habits, as most of it goes on my flat but I was spending the majority of what was left over on some form of shopping . Don’t get me wrong I am still adding lots and lots (and lots) of products I am lustring after on to my extremely long wish list, but I will just get the bits I want gradually rather than straight away, and with some products I more than likely will decide I won’t need them.
I still have lots of blog posts ready to write up and products waiting to be snapped up  for photos as I have lots of products in my collection I haven’t reviewed yet, I just won’t have a haul post for a while.
So wish me luck, and I would love to hear if you’re doing a spending ban and how you  have found it?
Thanks for reading. Xx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bath and Bodyworks Haul

Good evening ladies (and gentlemen), I hope your having a lovely week. Tonight I wanted to share with you a bit of a haul from Bath and Body works. I am literally obsessed with candles, I always have a couple burning around my flat, I love having an array of scents filling my home. Now before I start, annoyingly they don't have a UK based store, come on bath and body works sort it out! So i have to stock up on my trips to Dubai to see my dad.

Here is a little bit about the famous BBW candles from their website:

The world's best candle guaranteed! Radiates enough fragrance to fill a room. Wax melts consistently & evenly. Flames won't burn out!
Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead-free wicks for optimal performance.
3-wick candle burns approximately 30 to 45 hours.
Includes elegant silver lid to keep your fave fragrance fresh, while adding a touch of décor

Sounds pretty good eh? I love BBW candles they are my favourite candle brand, Yankee being a close second. I just find them very reasonably priced and smell incredible. So enough chit chat, here is what I picked up from the summer collection.

I bought 3 of the larger three wick candles they are normally $20, so around £12.50 and they quite often have deals on so you can get them a bit cheaper. On this occasion these were buy two get one free so of course I had to get three. The first was an eye catching bright orange peach Bellini candle. The scent is described as classic Italian cocktail with a twist which mixes bubbly white peach, tart blackcurrant, jasmine and a splash of juicy orange. It really smell does good enough to eat, but I won't don't worry!!

The second candle I picked up was Paris Amour, this a more floral fragrance and I was instantly attracted to this romantic infusion, the scent is described as a blend of French tulips and apple blossoms tickled with notes of sparkling pink champagne. Sounds like the perfect summer night fragrance.

The final three wick candle I bought was Twilight Woods. This was another floral based scent which is so unlike me as I normally sway towards fruity or vanilla sweet scents. But this just smelt so good I couldn't resist. The scent is described as hypnotic blend of apricot nectar, sweet mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress.

I also bought some fragrance plugs for my wall flowers, I know there are plenty of fragrance plugs available in the UK, I just find these wall flowers are so strong you can smell them as soon as you walk into the room. This time I got sweet pea and honey suckle. So a nice mix of floral and sweet smells. These cost $3 so that only £1.88 a bulb and they literally last around 6 weeks, so an absolute bargain.

Finally I bought myself some soap. I am a bit of a germ freak and always carry anti bacteria gel in my bag. So these mini pocket sized anti-bac tubes are perfect for a clean freak like me. Again they are very cheap at $1.75 so that a tiny £1.09, and look really cute with the colourful formula and packaging. I went for the Paris Amore scent and the strawberry scent. I also got a full sized bottle of the foaming hand soap which smells incredible and the scent lasts on your hands for hours.

So there it is my bath and body works haul, I love all my purchases I just wish they were available here in the UK. I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have tried any BBW products? Let me know what you think if you have tried any.

Thanks for reading Lovelies

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer Primark Haul

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all having a lovely evening. I thought I would share with you a few, ok quite a lot of my recent holiday Primark purchases. I am loving the summer collection in store at Primark at the moment, there is a wide variety of pieces available to suit lots of different styles. I found so many beautiful holiday bargains ready for my trip to Dubai. I went on holiday over half term to see my Dad, step mum and sister who all live out there, as ever it was amazing and now I have serious holiday blues. \So I thought a bit of blogging might cheer me up. So here goes....

So I will start with my favorite little beauty. I instantly fell I'm love with this denim pinafore dress. It's so cute and gilry (me all over) with an Alice in Wonderland look to it. I adore it and I think it will be well worn over the summer. The dress/ skirt cost £12, absolute bargain.
Next in my bag was some lovely high wasted hot pants, in a pastel blue stripped design. Again these are perfect for summer, I think I will team these with a white or black simple vest top as the shorts are the stand out piece. The shorts were £8.

Next I bought a very bright pink barbie inspired bikini. Being a lover of all things pink I was drawn to this instantly, I am not as keen on the gold straps and bow but I love the striped design and pink shade. The top and bottoms were £3 each.

Next I purchased a long black maxi dress, a girl can never have enough maxi dresses especially for the summer holiday season. It has a pretty pocked detail, if I wanted to added a bit of colour I would add a skinny waist belt. This dress was £8.

Ok a bit boring but I picked up two boyfriend style T-shirt with the rolled up sleeves. I love the baggy T-shirt look and think these would look great with shorts or skinny jeans. At £2.50 a price I had to get one in black and one in white.

Next in my rather large bag was another bright bikini again £3.00 a price. It comes up really pink on camera but it actually a lot more coral then pinky. Again a very good bargain which I wore lots on holiday.

Next I bought some cheap as chips flip flops, they have a lovely colorful Aztec design and at a pound a pair these were perfect for wearing around the beach and pool. Best part they cost me £1.

On the subject of the beach and pool I bought a really cute beach cover up. It's a simple black bandeau styled dress with a crochet design around the middle. This little dress cost £4.

Then I bought some lovely trousers, I absolutely love these and these were well worn on my holiday, even my sister borrowed them. The print is a lovely colorful peacock design. The trousers are very light and comfortable for the warmer weather. These little beauties cost £9 so a complete bargain.

 Then I bought this really cute this  its a basic fit and style but had a pocket detail in the corner, again another bargain at £3. I really like the black and white Aztec print design to this t shirt and think it really stands out.

I also purchased another cute little white T-shirt. It's a basic tee but has a pretty swirled design on it. It's quite light and slightly see through so I wore a scrappy top underneath. This tee cost £3.00

Then I purchased some beautiful sandals with a sparkly gem embellishment. I love how they are a simple chic design with an added hint of glamour. I love these pretty sandals and they cost £9, which I think are quite pricey for Primark but I got drawn in by the sparkles.

Then I got another bikini this was yet another bargain £3 for both, yes both. It's a lovely orange shade and again perfect for the summer sun.

Then I treated myself to some cute lamb slipper sock. I don't like to wear shoes in my flat so slipper socks are a great way to keep my feet warm and snuggly, and how cute do these fluffy white lamb socks look? At £2 I couldn't resist.

Finally I bought some really cute denim dungarees, as with the denim skirt I love these. I have always loved dungarees and pinafores so I am so happy the shops are full of different designs. I think the dungarees would look lovely with a white vest or T-shirt, I saw miss Mollie king wearing a similar outfit who is my fashion idol of the moment. These little beauties cost £12.

So that's it my huge Primark haul, yes I bought A LOT but I love everything I bought and wore every item on my holiday to Dubai, so a good haul.

Thanks for reading lovelies.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

100 Random facts about me

Hi everyone, so I am going to write something a little bit different today, it isn't really beauty related its a bit more personal. I love these 'facts about me' posts, probably cause I am quite a nosey person and its nice to get know each other a little bit more. So here goes.........

1. I got engaged last year in Las Vegas to my partner Gary. We have been together three and half years and he really is my best friend (soppy sod I know).

2. I grew up in Scotland.

3. I work full time and I am currently half way through a degree in Early years with the Open University.

4. I am very organised, I plan and prepare everything to an extreme level.....even my wardrobe is colour coded.

5. My dad, sister and step mum live in Dubai. I miss them all lots and lots, but I do love going on holiday to see them.

6. I love friends, I have probably watched every episode 100s of times and I still never get bored. My all time favourite moment is when Ross is trying to get his new sofa up the stairs.

7. I am a big book worm. I love getting lost in a book, yes I am a geek.

8. I am addicted to candles. I have then burning all round my flat constantly. My favourite is bath and body works, especially's amazing.

9. My dream is too travel the world.

10. My favourite colour is pink. I really want a pink dressing room/ walk in wardrobe.

11. I didn't start wearing make up till I was about 16. I was a late bloomer the beauty world.

12. I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I don't think I will ever get bored of the books or films.

13. My favourite restaurant is a Thai place is Dubai called the Noodle house.

14. My fiancé is a semi professional motor bike racer, so through out summer I spend most my weekends at race tracks.

15. I used to go out every Friday and Saturday night, every weekend. I didn't drink every weekend I just enjoyed socialising and having a dance. I still go out occasionally but I have settled down a lot more now and actually enjoy quiet nights in....must be getting old.

16. My best friend is also a blogger :) she is the one who convinced me to start mine. Please go check out her lovely blog at

17. I love Disney, I have a huge disney DVD collection. My favourite film as a child was sleeping beauty.

18. I have been to Disney land in Paris and Florida. I love it, sounds ridiculous but it does feel magical.

19. I generally eat healthy due to having a very sensitive stomach, but I do enjoy the occasional treat.

20. My favourite treats are doughnuts, Krispy Kreme the best.

21. I love fruit I could eat it all day.

22. My favourite flavour ice cream is cookie dough (that's a lot of food facts right there).

23. I love planning and organising events. I am that annoying friend who texts people constantly trying to arrange stuff.

24. I went to university to study history, however the course was not for me and to be honest I don't think I wasn't ready for university and being away from home, so I ended up moving back to my mummies.

25. For my 4th birthday I asked my granny for one of those cards you put in the wall and money pops out......not much has changed.

26. My favourite shoes are Kurt Geiger, although I do dream of owning some Louboutin's some day.

27. I drive a white mini convertible it's so pretty I love her, her name is Minnie.

28. I try to be a positive, happy person.

29. I love the Saturdays's, Mollie is my favourite. I would love to have her wardrobe.

30.I used to go to stage school at the weekend till the age of 17, I loved singing, dancing and drama.

31. I enjoy going to the gym and swimming. I really want to start running.

32.I have dyslexia (ridiculous name for a condition where people cant to spell), I have no problem reading but I really struggle with writing and spelling :(. I try very hard to not let it bother me, but it's been hard. I spend hours checking over my university work and my blog. However on the bright side it makes me even more proud of myself for writing my blog.

33.I change my hair all the time, it's been white blonde, brown, black,dip dyed and back to blonde.

34. I love watching YouTube videos my favourite 'beauty gurus' are Tanya Burr, Zoella, missglamorazzi, Nicole Guerriero, all that glitters and CarliBel55.

35. My favourite cereal is Cheerios, as a child I loved honey nut loops.

36.I bought my first flat when I was 22, it was very scary but it was the best thing I ever did.

37.I love nothing more then getting snuggled up on my sofa with my fiancé, wrapped in a blanket watching a film.

38. My favourite films are comedy's and chick flicks, but I do love films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and hunger games. So a bit of a mix really. I hate horror films, I am such a whimp.

39. I love musicals :) when Les Miserables was on at the cinema I went to see it three times.

40. My favourite perfume is Juicy Couture, in particular Viva La Juicy La Fleur.

41. I love wearing onsies, if I am just having a day in the flat I normally wear mine all day.

42. When you first meet me I come across shy and quiet, but after a while you can't shut me up.

43. I love hot chocolate, if I am feeling wild I add some baileys.

44. I am very emotional, I cry far too much, both happy and sad tears.

45. I never drank coffee until I went to America and there was a Starbucks at every corner, now I drink it most days.

46. I hate jealous people.

47. I have a very close group of friends, we have all known each other since school and are still very close.

48. I love nail varnish but I am so impatient waiting for it to dry and normally end up smudging it.

49. I love cheese I put it nearly everything. my favourite food to add it to is soup, makes the cheese go all gooey.

50. My favourite fizzy drink is Dr pepper.

51. My favourite alcoholic beverage is Malibu and coke or a yummy cocktail. I hate tequila, after a night of being quite ill on the stuff I have never touched it again.

52.I played Mary in the nativity when I was younger three times. The other children probably hated me.

53. I love my bed.

54.I really want to go to New York at Chritmas time and go ice skating.

55.I am a total hypercondriac

56.I would love to do a make up course.

57.I am very ambitious I believe you don't get anywhere in life without hard work and determination.

58. I collect magnets of all the places I have been to so yes I have a tacky travel themed fridge but I love it.

59.My favourite holiday destination so far has been Las Vegas it was amazing. I went on the sky walk on the Gran Canyon it was amazing, I am normally scared of heights but I just loved it.

60. I love baking.

61. Saying that I am a pretty awful cook, I can make it basics but anything to adventurous normally ends in disaster. My fiancé is an amazing cook though so he whips up some beautiful meals to make up for my lack of skills.

62. My favourite flowers are roses, not red though white or pink.

63. I am a self confessed poser and pouter. I struggle to walk past a mirror and not take a glance, oh so vain!

64. I have far too many handbags, my favourite is my Vivienne Westwood clutch. I really really want a mulberry and a pastel pink Cambridge satchel, a girl can dream.

65. I used to spend a lot of money on clothes, but since becoming a home owner my shop of choice is Primark or ebay these days. (Even if I do lust over designer handbags) I do treat myself to the occasional more expensive dress or outfit but only now and again.

66. I am always people watching and taking note of pretty outfits I see girls wearing.

67.I have about 12 black dresses but I am always on the hunt for the 'perfect LBD'.

68.I love Beyonce, I went to see her on tour this year and she was unbelievable.

69. I love sex and the city. I have everything episode on DVD and love having a sex and the city duvet day.

70. I love the sea side.

71. I really want to go camping in a pod, I have no idea why just looks really fun.

72. I have never been to a music festival, I would really love it but the thought of the public toilets really puts me off ha ha!

73. I love party food.

74. I am petrified of big rides, I have been dragged on a far few but my stomach is literally doing flips the whole time.

75. I am always day dreaming, hence my blogs name Emma Louise dreams.

76. My fashion style is very femine, I love lace embellishment, Peter Pan collars and anything pastel.

77. I would be lost without my hair rollers.

78. I take lots and lots of pictures.

79. My sister is like my sole mate.

80. Some of my best childhood memories are weekends with my family at the seaside.

81. My family literally live all over the world.

82. We had a big family reunion last year. It was great to get all my family together. Family time is my favourite.

83. I really like the royal family and find the history of the royals really interesting, such a geek.

84. I really want a white Maltese puppy, who I will call Coco.

85. I really want a garden so I can have a BBQ.

86. My fiancé built me a walk in wardrobe, it has glass shelves for my shoes I adore it.

87. I am very pale, I don't really go brown just pink. So I just fake tan to get my desired glow, it's the safer option too.

88. I am a very nervous flyer every time there is any kind of turbulence or sudden movement I am clutching on the chair. However, my desire to travel outweighs my fear of flying. Long fact there.

89. Me and my best friend are both getting married next summer and we are both each others bridesmaids, it's like real life bride wars, without the falling out though :p ha ha!

90. I loved the film Fame as a child, that's where I got my stage school bug from.

91. I used to drive my mum mad I was constantly dancing in my bedroom and apparently it made the ceiling in the living room and the chandelier shake. Whoops!

92. I have always been a drama queen, my grandad loves to tell the story of the time he walked in to my bedroom when I was 5 and I was practising crying in the mirror...cringe!

93. I love a pamper at the beauticians.

94. I love the sunshine

95. My make up collection is getting out of hand.

96. I loved school, sixth form was my favourite I met some of my closest friends and really came out of my shy shell.

97. I would love to be confident enough to have a YouTube Chanel.

98. I get freckles on my nose when I have been in the sun. I used to hate them but I quite like them now.

99. My first pet was a hamster called Whisky, he was a rascal though and used to escape all the time. Once he was gone over a week and I found him nibbling on a bag a bag of potatoes.

100. My fiancé is 6,6 and I am 5,2 so a bit of a height difference.

So there you go you know quite a bit more about me now. I hope you enjoyed this more personal post. I would love to read your random fact post, so leave me your links below. Have a lovely evening and thank you for reading.