Saturday, 21 June 2014

Dreaming of.......My wardrobe

We all love a good wish's wish list is all about fashion and clothes I am lusting after.

I haven't bought any clothes since my holiday at the start of May, and I am now having serious withdrawal symptoms.

Our wedding is next month so I am on a strict spending ban and the moment and only purchasing pretty things for the big day at the moment, don't get me wrong this is still lots and lots of fun. However, I just cant resist a bit of online window shopping and I am finding myself dreaming about my summer wardrobe. Here is what those dreams are made of..............

fashion wishlist

I have fallen in love with 'In Love with Fashion' have a lot at their online shop here. I promise this is not sponsored I just adore there clothes, its all floral and pastels so you cant blame me. I can feel a big order coming on after the wedding. My excuse is I need honey moon clothes, even though its not till November.

I also love this floral dress from Boohoo, its just so me. Collar, check, mint green, check, floral check!

Okay so hopefully it wont be coat weather for much longer, but I still need a pink coat in my life.

Finally I cant resist a good motif tee that makes me giggle.

Have a lovely weekends beauts.... Mwahhhh

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Currently In Love With.....

Its about time I graced Emma Louise Dreams with a beauty post.

So today I wanted to share with you some of my current favourites out of my every day make up bag.

Don't they look pretty. I have missed beauty posts.....
Ok first up is Porefessional by Benefit, I have fallen back in love with this product after dabbling with other primers but nothing compares to this one, so of course its ended up back in my make up bag. I like to apply this under my make up to prep my skin and minimise my pores. Porefessional is a silky and light weight formula, its buttery textures blends into a creamy powder like finish which leaves my normally oily t-zone nice and matte. When I use porefessional my make up lasts longer and my pores magically disappear, don't you just love make up. The only down side to this little primer is the price, but you cant put a price on beauty, well at least that's what I like to tell myself to justify my ever growing make up collection.

Next up is 'Angel' by Mac, I have literally been reaching for this nude soft pink lipstick daily, its a great everyday shade for day or night. Angel is a frost formula which I normally avoid but angel is still very creamy and moisturising on the lips for a frost finish. Angel is a favourite lipstick of Kim K (or KW now) and I am not ashamed to admit I adore her make up so of course I had to add this to my rather large lipstick collection.

Next up is Bourjois cream blush in healthy glow. I adore these cream to powder potted blushes, they are so easily to blend, they leave the perfect amount of colour on the cheeks and they last all day. I love 'healthy glow' its the a beautiful peachy pink toned shade, perfect for the summer (if it ever stops raining). It really does give your cheeks a perfect healthy pinched glowing finish.

My next favourite is Mac 'Prep and Prime' highlighting pen in 'Light boost'. This product brings me back to the Kim K make up look I mentioned earlier, this product is my holy grail for brightening my under eye and highlighting my face, a la Kimmy. Light boost is literally one of my favourite products in my make collection...that's a big statement I know, but true. This little beauty, brightens, conceals and evens out my skin and it doesn't crease on me, which is a bonus. I use a real techniques stippling brush to blend this into my skin so I don't have any harsh lines. Love, love, love this product. 

Finally is Mac 'face and Body foundation'. This a very light weight, watery formula that leaves your skin with a beautiful dewy glow. I personally love using this over the summer, I get little freckles around my nose when the sun makes an appearance and I like foundations that don't cover up my freckles completely because I like my little sun kisses.  This is the perfect foundation to give you a radiant glow, its basically a your skin but better foundation, and it can be built up to cover any imperfections. This was the only foundation I used while I was on holiday, I think this will be sticking in my make up bag till the end of summer (but lets not think about that too much). 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend, I am off to a friends wedding this evening so I need to go decide what to wear....wish me luck. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Brunch….and all that Jazz

Friday brunch is a popular past time in Dubai. Now remove all your existing thoughts on a typical British brunch out of your mind. A Dubai brunch experience is very different to your tradition brunch. In Dubai Brunch is from 12-4.00 (typically) and consists of 4 hours of all you can eat and all you can drink, leaving you with a slightly sore head and a very full tummy.
So on my latest Dubai trip my dad suggest Brunch at Prime 68, which is funnily enough located on the 68th floor of the Jw Marriot Marquis hotel, making it the tallest brunch in Dubai. Prime 68 is not your average buffet all you can eat brunch, instead prime 68 offers an al a carte dining experience bringing a selection of dishes too you.
Prime 68 is a boutique steak house and has a 1920’s prohibition theme, the room is filled with timeless jazz music, elegant 1920s themed decor with a black and white classic yet contemporary finish and even a New York prohibition themed photo booth, it’s all very Jay Gastsby.
However, the star of the show is the spectacular view, from the 68th floor you some pretty amazing views, so we before we even sat down we spent a good 10 minutes admiring the back drop.
Once we finally made it too our table our very helpful waiter advised us not to fill up too much on the bread (this wasn't easy, seeing as he just told me the bread was accompanied by maple butter) because we would have 36 separate dishes coming our way over the next few hours…….36 I repeat 36 dishes.
The foodie inside me jumped for joy…this was definitely going to be my kind of brunch.
We ordered our drinks and got chit chatting while we waited for food, me and my step mum decided to go with the prohibition themed ‘spiked tea’, a cocktail served in a tea pot and tea cups. I cant remember the exact blend but it was some kind of tea recipe with lots of vodka! Either way it was delicious and went down far too easily. I didn't manage to snap up the little tea pot as the waiter kept taking it away every time the cups were filled….its almost like he didn't trust us with it! Cant image why.
Then the starters arrived........
 Antipasto meats, with potato salad
Dad got far too impatient with my snapping of food
 Then came Caesar salad, beetroot with goats cheese, tomato and mozzarella and hard boiled eggs with a mustard topping and caviar. This was only the second course and already I had forgotten the waiter instructions to take things slow.
 Next up was a delicious shrimp cocktail in a tangy tomato sauce, the sauce really gave it an extra kick.
Then one of my favourite dishes… was lobster roll time, I may have done a little squeal when these appeared in front of me.
Fancy a closer look? Oh go on then…..
 The crab cakes were divine and fell apart in your mouth

Meatballs topped with cheese and an Italian tomato sauce

Want to see it all again? Thought so…
 Then came the Oysters,, I had never tried an oyster in my life…..well now was my time.

Nervously I gulped down the slippery slimy oyster….First impressions were good and I went on to eat two more.
 Now if anyone knows anywhere that does a cracking oyster locally let me know…I have started something now.
Then our waiter prepared a beautiful fillet of smoked salmon which was so light and delicate but left the taste buds tingly. I may have eaten a little bit too much of this.
To help settle our stomachs slightly we went and played with the props in the photo booth for some family photograph opportunities. I wont share them all (my dad may kill me) but here is a sneak peak.

We returned to our tables and then out came the main courses (yes all the above was just starters)
 Succulent pieces of prime steak, which were cooked to perfection along with beef brisket (this was my dad’s favourite) which just fell apart, it was beautiful. There was also cuts of roast beef but I didn't get chance to snap this up as everyone tucked into it pretty sharpish.
Accompanying this was thick cut potato wedges, creamy mash potato and a little dish of mac and cheese. At first I was confused by the mac and cheese but once I tasted it all was forgotten.
Then came the sea food mains, clams, salmon fillets and possibly the best scallops I have ever tasted, they were juicy and plump and cooked perfectly. 
I was so tempted to ask for more, but I really think my play suit was ready to burst by now.
After the mains came the cheese, and I just can’t resist cheese so of course I had to try some.

Finally the pudding trays graced the table. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with pudding, this is normally my favourite part of brunch (possibly because there is normally a chocolate fountain) but these left me a little underwhelmed, possibly because I had been so impressed with the previous courses or I was just so full. I think I nibbled away at the cheese cake but left the rest for everyone else.

We all agreed this was the best brunch we had ever been too the food was exquisite with an array of tastes, textures and flavours which were beautifully presented ,  my dad has already booked to go back with a group of friends. If you’re looking for a so a sophisticated but fun brunch I would highly recommend a trip to Prime 68, especially if the likes of ‘The Great Gatsby’ or ‘Chicago’ is your cup of (spiked) tea.
After we went to the Observatory for happy hour, the drinks flowed, everything got a little bit hazy and the camera was left forgotten in my hand bag….probably for the best really.

*Ps sorry about the lighting, blame the 360 windows and bright sunshine in Dubai

Thursday, 5 June 2014

dreaming of....

So I have been a very naughty blogger and I haven't blogged properly for a few weeks, but let me explain why....

1. I went on holiday to see my family in Dubai, I will share some snaps with you very soon, I promise.

2. I went on my hen party to the York races and then a very messy night out in York Which resulted in me spending two days recovering...totally worth it though, I had a fantastic weekend. 

3. I have been studying for my end of year Open University exams. They are over now phewwww...and relax. 

4. Its 7 weeks till my wedding and everything has gone into wedding planning over drive. 

Okay so thats my excuses, am I forgiven yet? Well if not, surely a wish list full of pretty bits and bobs I would love for my little home will do the trick....I thought so.

dreaming of....

How cute are all these little bits and pieces. 1. I having been meaning to pick up 'It' by Alexa Chung for so long, has anyone read it? 2. A home can never have too many candles. 3. I have fallen in love with this beautiful picnic set from Cath kidstone, come on Summer, hurry up I need some picninc weather. 4. I am in need of an electic blender, and naturally I like this pink one. 5. Love this vintage 'boudior' sign. 6. Finally these pretty pastel storage cases from Oliver Bonas would go just nicely in my hall way.

So that's what I am dreaming about right now. I promise to  get back into the swing of regular blog posts once again, pre warning though a few weeks before my wedding, I may well be an erratic, over the top bridezilla......Gary is a lucky guy.