Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lush, Space girl bath bomb

Hi everyone I hope your having a lovely weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to open my curtains to some sunshine so I went for a walk today around the park and whipped out my blogging note book and started writing away.......I have planned so many blog post. It surprising how much the sunshine changes your mind set and clear your thoughts.

So anyone enough ramblings about the weather. I love lush bath products I find them so fun and quirky and a great part of any pamper night. However, I mentioned in my first Lush post that when I used to go to lush I found it very over whelming and confusing, I mean what is the difference between a Beth bomb and bath melt? It was mainly through youtube and blogs I got to know more about the different bath products, and the rest is history.

I have a ridiculous Lush collection so thought it made sense to share my thoughts on the different products. Today I can going to share with you a short post on Lush's space girl bath bomb. This is a really cute lilac bath bomb shaped like a planet (Saturn I think but don't quote me on that). When you drop this bomb in your bath , it's starts fizzing and turns you bath a lovely Iliac colour with sprinkles of glitter swirled in. I found the smell reminded me of the retro sweets Parma violets so its very relaxing. However, there is a an added bit of fun to this product, inside the bomb is 'space dust' otherwise known as popping candy so it crackles as its fizzing. It's reminded me of the cereal rice crispies, with its snap, crackle and pop sounds. Like most lush bomb this left my bath water and my skin very velvety smooth. I really enjoyed this bath bomb and would certainly use it again.

I would love to hear about your favourite lush products?

Thanks for reading

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sugar obsession

So recently every girl and her blog have raved about the Soap and glory Sugar Crush range. Soap and glory in general has been a hit in the beauty world but the sugar crush range appears to be the stand out collection of the moment.

Now if I am totally honest up until recently I had never really bought soap and glory products, I have always been a huge Lush fan, so I  always headed to Lush to fulfil my bath and body needs. I still love Lush, but had heard so many rave reviews about soap and glory I decided to slip them in to my basket while browsing in boots, and I now like every other beauty blogger I am totally hooked.

I bought a fair amount of soap and glory products on this particular day, see my boots haul for more info, the only way I can justify this is they were 3 for 2. However I haven't got around to using them all yet, cause ever since I smelt the Sugar Crush body wash and scrub I have been hooked.

The scent of these beauties is without a doubt my new favourite scent. The blend of sweet smashed brown sugar with the fruity lime and and citrus zest is delicious (actually dribbling a little writing this). It's a perfect refreshing, 'wake me up' smell and if you haven't noticed I absolutely adore it. If you haven't smelt this I urge you to go have a sniff, and you will understand my obsession.

The body wash comes in a huge 500ml bottle so you get plenty product for the £6.50 price tag. I also like the handy pump applicator which means there is no fiddly lids or dropping bottles in the shower. The body wash has a rich, creamy texture which leaves my skin feel soft and nourished and smelling lovely.

I use the body scrub once a week to help keep my skin soft and smooth and remove dead skin cells, sounds gross I know. Being the high maintenance beauty junkie i am, I stick to a regular fake tan routine, and this body scrub is great for removing old fake tan and leaving my skin prepared for the next application (sounds like a miltary routine). Again the scent is the same as above but I think the scrub has a sweeter, cookie smell to it. It has a thick consistency but is still highly moisturising and hydrating on the skin. I find this scrub has the right balance of exfoliant and it doesn't aggregate my sensitive skin. So all round a really great scrub, and I am loving using it, I might even go as far as saying I prefer this to my long time favourite aqua Mirabilis exfoliated from lush.

So overall I am loving the sugar crush range from Soap and Glory and will be investing in the body butter once pay day arrives, I also think soap and glory should think about throwing a body mist or spray into the mix.

I love reading your comments so would love to hear about your favourite soap and glory products?

Thanks for reading
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Monday, 15 April 2013

My current skin care routine

Today I am finally getting round to writing about my skin care routine. It has taken years of trying and testing numerous products to develop a skin care routine i love and would recommend.

As a teenager I really struggled with my skin I suffered from break outs, it really got me down and left me feeling very insecure. Around the age of 16 I broke down to my mum about how upset my skin was getting me, and it was mum to the rescue. she booked me into for a facial, and bought some skin care products. however I have struggled for a long time to find products that suited my skin.

My skin type is combination, I get the occasionally dry and oily areas, I suffer with redness and imperfections which has been my main battle with my skin. I still get the odd break out but they are much more controlled and less aggressive. It's such an improvement, I have gone from the insecure girl who hid behind her make up, to feeling confident enough to have a make up free day once a week now to give my skin a breather. Now a year ago the thought of a naked face would have given me a mild panic attack. Ok, so enough rambling here are a run down of my skin care products which have given me the clearer skin I have yearned for, for so long.......

Bioderma, Sebuim H2o
I am sure you have all heard the bioderma hype so I won't say to much, but I love this products for removing my make up. It's extremely gentle on my skin and I have found this formula suits my skin better then the sensibio range, as this has really helped tackled my break outs. If I am ever in a rush and don't have time or I am just being lazy after a night out ( naughty I know) I just use this and my Effaclar Duo and find it still gives my skin what it needs for the night.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser
Now this is a cult product in the beauty world. Apparently there is one of these products sold every minute around the world, and I can see why. This is my holy grail cleanser and I can see this being a staple in my skin care routine for a long time. I love using this with my muslin cloth, it feels like pure luxury on my skin. The rich creamy texture leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and gentle and has really cleared up my skin.

La Roche-Posay, Effaclar Dup
Again a popular skin care treat amongst the beauty world, are you starting too a trend here? This product is incredible I am not an expert on skin care so I won't try and explain the science behind it. However, ever since I started using this I have found my break outs are much more controlled, the occasionally pimple is gone in a flash. I can't rave about this product enough, but if you struggle with break outs and imperfections I urge you try this, it has been a real life saver for me.

Michael Todd true organics

I decided to talk about my Michael Todd products as a whole, because I think the brand it's self needs a little shout out. I had heard a lot about this range so spent a lot of time investigating different reviews and researching the website for the products for my skin. If was originally drawn in by the name if I am totally honest, true organics sounds the perfect ingredient for clean, clear skin. So I decided to go for the Tropical Fruit, Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub first, this is a lovely scrub it ideal for my skin type as it is a gentle exfoliant, not to mention it smells delicious. Secondly I went for the Blue Green Algae Toner, this stood out to me as it states it aids the treatment a d prevention acne, so I was sold. Again this works great on my skin. As a toner not only has it helped combat my problem skin but its also really moisturising for a toner. Finally my favourite, the citrus moisturiser. This moisturiser smells so yummy and refreshing, very much like soap and glory sugar crush. The light, soothing hydrating cream feels like a dream on my skin, it leaves my skin feeling moist and smooth, I could go on and on. I am defiantly going to invest in some more Michael Todd products they are some of the best skin care I have come across and won't leave your purse feeling to light.

I feel really happy with my skin care routine it's taken time but I finally feel confident a d happy with my skin, I know longer dread break outs and feel in much more control of my skin.

I would love to hear about your skin care favourites?

Thanks for reading

Emma Louise xxxx

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What's in my make up bag

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, I have had quite a few assignments due in recently and trying to balance full time work and a part time university course the last two weeks had been a struggle so my blogging had to take a back seat, which I have found very annoying as I have a long list of blogs I want to post.

So today i thought i would do a quick what's in my make up bag post, I went away racing this weekend, my fiancé is a semi professional motorbike racer so being the supportive partner I am I spend the majority of my summer weekends travelling to various race tracks.

I tried to just take the essentials with me when I go racing, due to freezing temperatures I like to fill most of my weekend bag with plenty of warm clothing, so there isn't much room for my over the top beauty collection.

I love the pink makeup bag I got from glitzy glam, it's so cute and girly and actually fits a lot in it.

Rimmel wake me up foundation
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer
Nars Laguna bronzed
Benefit hoola bronzer
Rimmel stay matte powder
Revelon lip butter in strawberry shortcake
Nivea lip balm, milk and honey (adore this product)
Maybeline baby lips, pink crush
Maybeline falsies mascara
Maybeline colour tattoo in back to bronze
Mac Archie girls pearl matte face powder in Veronica
Maybeline master drama eyeliner
Beauty blender
I also took my naked palette but can't find it right now boooo, hopefully it's in the caravan.

I would love to hear your favourite makeup of the moment and travel essentials.

Thanks for reading
Emma Louise x