Monday, 30 December 2013

Mini Mac Haul

So yes only two posts ago did I say I was saving money but here I am already with a mini haul for you all oops.  In my defence though I was sale shopping/browsing and I had a voucher for Debenhams and I thought this was the perfect opportunity for some pretty Mac purchases. So I didn't actually spend any money...well not in Mac anyway I did find a few bargains in theZara  and Topshop sale! 
So on my little spree I decided to pick up the mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle and angel lipstick which are two items that have been on my makeup wish list for a such long time, and seeing as they were both there in stock I just couldn’t resist.
Angel lipstick is a baby pink shade with a hint of silver shimmer. I am big lover of the pink/ nude lip and rarely step away from my signature lip look so this seemed like a good shade to add to my collection, you can never have too many pink lipsticks, right? I had also heard this lipstick is a favourite of Kim Kardashian and yes I know she has a very dramatic look but I adore her flawless make up. This lipstick is a frost formula and I have never actually owned a frost cause I am just not a fan of the shimmery look but when I tried this it was not as cool toned as I had expected , instead added a  subtle, pretty sheen to my lips. So I am looking forward to wearing this, I think this shade will go really well with a dramatic smoky eye.
Then I picked up the much hyped mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle, yet another product that has been on my wish list for so long and I am so excited to try this out properly.  This highlighting powder looks divine in the pan with its gilded peach bronze tone with a twist of champagne silver shimmer. I can’t wait to try this,  the only highlighter I have really got on with is the Sleek highlighter in the past, which is great for a natural day time sheen but I think the glitter particles in soft and gentle will add a bit of sparkle and glamour to an evening look.
I will do a full review on both products once I have tried them out properly. Have you tried either products? If so let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading Lovelies

Monday, 16 December 2013

L'Oreal light as water?

Now I always used to be a bit of a foundation snob, I admit I was under the belief that surely an expensive price tag would promise my face a luxurious feel and finish. However I have on a number of occasions been left disappointed with high end foundations and its always so much more disappointing when you have paid a lot of money for a product. So I decided to stop being such a high end snob and start branching out to the high street on my quest for the perfect foundation and I really have found some  treasures, if you’re a regular reader of my blog you will more than likely be aware of my love for Rimmel wake me up foundation which was one of my first high street foundations and have since become one if my favourites and ever since the high street brands have continued to impress me. However I must add I have not completely turned my back on high end foundations I still love Laura Mercierr silk crème and Chanel Vita Lumiere aqua, but me and my purse are enjoying a makeup collection with a mixture of high street and high end foundations to play around with. 

Which brings me on to today’s review; I am going to share my thoughts with you on L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Eau De Trent Foundation, which is a mouthful. This is L’Oreals newest addition to the collection and there has been a lot of hype around this ‘Lighter than water’ foundation. As you can imagine the formula of this foundation is very watery and light. I find this foundation is extremely easy to apply and blends like a dream, the packaging suggests finger application works best  but I don’t like to use my hands to apply make-up (it’s a germ thing) so I have found using my Real techniques  expert face brush works really well with this foundation.

Once applied this foundation leaves my skin with a lovely natural, dewy glow but still offers just the right amount of coverage to hide any imperfections and under eye circles, any bad spots of blemishes might need just a touch of concealer. However, for a waterybiased product this foundation actually offered a lot more coverage than I first anticipated, so I was pleasantly surprised!  The foundation leaves my skin feeling light and airy. I really feel like the formula allows my skin to breath, so I have loved it for a day time natural ‘no make-up look’.  The lasting power of the foundation is also better than expected and I find it lasts around 6 hours on my combination skin, touching up with powder once throughout the day. 

So far great, right? However I do have one small complaint and I am sure you have already guessed? The bottle! Yes the little glass bottle does look very cute and chic on my dresser but there is no pump so pouring can get messy and there is always some wasted product, which I really hate. So I wish this was in a tube or there was a pump to ensure I don’t waste any of this little beauty.

So overall other than the packaging I really have enjoyed using this ‘Lighter than air’ foundation and for the small price of £9.99 I would definitely repurchase in the future.

Have you tried L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Eau De Trent Foundation?  I would love to hear your thoughts?
Thanks for reading lovelies 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

What's my face worth TAG

Hi everyone hope you all had a lovely weekend. Going to skip the rambling introduction and just jump straight in to this post.

I have seen this how much is your face worth tag on numerous blogs recently and thought it might be interesting to see just how much my face is worth. Saying that I also think it might make me want to cry a little bit. I am going to base this on my weekend day time look so not a full on night out look but a bit more then I would wear in the week to work. So eek here goes.....

1. First off I start with foundation, ( yes naughty blogger I am not using primer at the moment simply because I have ran out and my Christmas budget just won't allow it right now.) Laura Mercierr Silk Creme foundation at £33 (certainly one of my more expensive foundations but I do love it). 

2. Then I move onto my Mac light boost highlighter, which I use to highlight my under eye, nose, forehead and a little in my chin. This costs £17.

3. Next I use my collection concealer on any breakouts or blemishes. This is a bargain product at £3.99.

4. Then I move on to contouring and bronzing. Slightly excessive but I use two at the moment. I use Mac eyeshadow in charcoal brown which cost me £10 for the hollows of my cheeks and down my nose to create definition. Then I use Benefit Hoola for am also over bronzer to warm up my face this cost me £23.50

5. For blush I am currently using a Bourjouis  
Blush pot in Rose Gold which cost me £7.99. 

6. Then I use Rimmel stay matte powder to set my make up, this is another bargain buy at £3.99. 

7. Then my brows to define and fill in my brows I use my beloved Benefit Browzing 
which cost £23.50 I finish my brows with 
8. Then for my eye shadow I currently loving using my Mac eye shadows. I am using brûlée for a base, naked lunch across the outer lid and satin taupe through the outer corners. They cost £10 each so that's an eye watering £30 on my eye shadow eek. 

9. Next l liner I am using a Maybelline Master Precise Liquid EyelinerThis costs £5.99Then I use Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner on my water line which cost £3.99. 

10. Then mascara again I use two L'Oreal telescopic in carbon black for £10.99 and the maybeline the falsies which cost £7.99. 

11. Then finally for lips I am using Mac lip stick in creme cup which cost £14 and NYX lipgloss in beige over the top which cost £6.00 

Phewwwww so my total is..drumroll please £207.92 Wow that a lot more then I expected, especially when that's a good mixture of high end and height street make up,  oops! The worst part is that my actual make up collection is probably 10 times the size if this...I really need to cut back on the spending. 

I TAG all my fellow bloggers to have a go at this post and see how much your face is worth! 

Thank for reading lovelies

Monday, 2 December 2013

Life lately.....

Life lately......

Well it’s been a while since I last blogged….10 weeks to be exact, how ridiculous is that! I hadn’t intended to leave it so long but recently life has just taken over and without delving too deep into my personal life (purely because I don’t want to bore you) but I lost a family member recently, which was as you can imagine a hard time for everyone and another family member has been very poorly. So obviously  my family has been my number one property…and unfortunately blogging has just had to take a back seat.

However, I say while touching wood that things seem to be back on track a little bit now and hopefully I can re-join the blogging world again as I have really missed writing my blog posts and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. 

I do think though my blog might have to take a slight change in direction. In the beginning I planned my blog to be purely beauty and fashion based. However, at the moment I am trying very hard not to spend money on my beauty and fashion addictions, because I am getting married in July next year.  One thing I have learnt about weddings they are extremely expensive and my dream wedding is eating away at my savings at the moment. Don’t get me wrong I am still buying the essentials, I can’t go cold turkey completely from the makeup counter but I am trying to be much wiser with my spending habits because I obviously want my wedding to be everything I have always dreamed of.

So my blog will more than likely have a lot more lifestyle posts, including some wedding planning posts, maybe...but I won’t be giving too much of my actual wedding plans away till after the wedding as I would like my guests to have a surprise on the day rather than knowing everything about my wedding day before it even happens. There will still be beauty and fashion posts but I just won’t be purchasing as much so just going to have to be a bit more creative with my posts. 

So after that very long ramble, I thought I would end this blog post by sharing with you my new obsession….Pintrest, yes pinning and sharing photos has become incredibly addictive. I love searching for home ideas, style and beauty and inspiration, baking recipes, travel destinations and my favourite of the moment Christmas themed pictures. It’s given me loads of ideas for wrapping and decorating so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite festive pins and who knows it may inspire you too.

Thank you so much for reading I am so glad I am blogging again and hopefully I am back in the swing of writing and posting.

I love the vintage look wrapping paper this year

Champagne ice cubes for Christmas morning

Ideas for yummy Chrsitmas drinks

I love baking so really want to make some festive cakes and cookies, these cranberry cookies look so nice.

I have made rolo cookies and they are delicious especially when you get to the gooey rolo centre...yummy

Lovely idea for a DIY Christmas present for any chocoholic

These vanilla macaroons looks so festive

Another lovely DIY present idea...great for secret santa at work maybe?

Lovely idea for children on Christmas morning

Another great one for children, gingerbread playdough.

I love this garland

Really need to find myself a Christmas jumper like this.