Monday, 3 February 2014

L'Oreal true match review

I hope your all having a good day and this horrid weather isn’t getting you down in the dumps. I love winter in the lead up to Christmas but by the time February arrives I am over it and can’t wait for spring summer to arrive…I just want to wear the pastels that look so pretty in my wardrobe again, I miss them.

Today I wanted to share with you a new foundation I have been trying out. If you’re a regular reader of my blog I am sure you will be well aware of the fact I am foundation junkie, guilty as charged! I just can’t help myself I have a very large foundation collection, enough for 10 people, but I am still always on the hunt for that perfect foundation.

My newest foundation find has been L’Oreal true match foundation. I had never tried this foundation before, and it wasn’t until I read a blog post by Amelia over at Amelia Lianna that it caught my eye. Amelia did a whole post about this foundation being a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation. I adore the luminous silk foundation, but it is on the pricey side so of course I had to try L’Oreal true match to see if it was really as good. If you want to read Amelia’s post check it out here, I love Amelia’s blog and YouTube channel, she is one of my favourite beauty gurus, so go check her out if you haven’t already.

Ok what did I think of L’Oreal true match? I am just going to come out and I say it, I Love this foundation, with a capital L, where has it been hiding all my life! First off the cost,  for the small price tag of £9.99 it’s a good price, slightly more than the average high street foundation, but completely worth it. The packaging is attractive and I think it looks like a high end bottle, and it has a pump, hooray!

This is a medium coverage foundation, but is buildable. I purchased this foundation in two shades rose beige and golden beige, the mixture of these two tones is the perfect look for skin. I have been using my real techniques expert face brush to apply this foundation and then use my buffing brush to  blend everything together,  I think it blends beautifully into my skin not leaving it patchy in any way.

The finish of the L’Oreal true match foundation is very similar to the luminious silk foundation in that it gives your skin a matte finish but with a beautiful radiant and rosey glow to the skin. I would say the true match foundation is slightly more matte than the Giorgio Armani foundation. This finish is exactly what I look for in a foundation, a formula that gives me a matte look but with a dewy finish to it, so my skin still has a slight glimmering glow to it.

The lasting power of this foundation is also a hit, I do use primer and powder, due to my oily T zone area, but found it lasts around 6-7 hours before any touching up again, and I rarely wear make up for this long, as soon as get home I take my make up off to let me skin breathe.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this foundation, if you haven’t already noticed! It’s very similar to the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, so I probably won’t repurchase GA anytime soon, my bank balance will be very pleased. L’Oreal and Giorgio Armani are actually owned by the same company so it’s not surprising the formula of the two foundations are very similar, to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not made in the same factory. This foundation leaves my skin looking flawless and glowing, I would definitely recommend.

I would love to know if you have tried this foundation and your thoughts, I love reading your comments and finding new blogs to read so please leave your links with your comments.

Thanks for reading beauties. 



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