Saturday, 30 August 2014

What's in my August make up bag

I am feeling the need to write some beauty babble, it's been far too long since I swooned over lipstick and rambled about blush. 

So today I thought I would share with you what's currently in my little on the go make up bag. 

Now you will notice there is no lipstick in this bag....I am going to have to come clean! I have a separate lip product 'on the go' bag so now you know, I am crazy lipstick lady. So that will be my next post. 

So enough chit chat, I know you what to see what's inside. 

Lets take a closer look. 

First inside my bag of tricks is my baby skin instant pore eraser from Maybeline. This is a lovely little silicone based product that minimises pores and primes the skin ready for a full face of make up. You only need a very thin layer of this gel to get the right results. I have to admit I prefer Porefessional from benefit, but this cutely packaged version from Maybeline is much more affordable, so until I can justify repurchasing porefessional, baby skin will do nicely. 

I am really enjoying the bronzing primer from Bourjois it's a great product to give you skin a bronzed glow, it can be used under foundation but I personally like to use this for a subtle contour as it gives you a very natural bronzed finish. It also smells like chocolate so no complaints from me. 

If your a regular reader here at Emma Louise Dreams you are probably well aware I adore Maybeline the falsies mascara, I have tried so many others but no other mascara gives my lashes the volume like this little beauty. I think it will forever more be part of my make up collection. 

Then there is Mac prep and prime in light boast, this a fantastic product for highlighting the face, a la Kim Kardashian. This one of my few holy grail products in my collection, I hate applying a full face without this product. 

Healthy balance radiance powder from Bourjois is my current favourite finishing powder, it gives you a natural radiant finish but still eliminates any shine with great lasting power. I love the size too, you get a good amount of product and a very good sized compact mirror. 

Another Mac product hidden in here is my mineralise skin finish in soft and gentle, this gives the skin a beautiful golden glow and highlight. I like to use this on my cheek bones, above the Cupid bow and for under brow highlight. It's such a beautiful shimmery shade it's perfect for a full glam look. 

Then for my eye shadow I have been enjoying these golds and bronze shimmering shades from the Ri Ri Mac quad, this was limited edition so I am not sure if this is still available. I have loved using mixing these shades for a bronzed smoked eye recently. 

The little blush pot in rose tea is the perfect plum rose shade that gives your cheeks the perfect rosey matte finish. 

Finally I have rediscovered an old favourite in my Mac studio fix fluid. I used to be obsessed with this foundation a few years ago, but swapped this formula for lighter coverage foundations. However I have fallen back in love with this, mainly thanks to its amazing lasting power, it really does stay put all day and it's been my go to foundation this month, I used this when I was a bridesmaid last week and it was the perfect all day coverage for a warm summers day. 

So I think that's everything that's made it in to my make up bag this month, stayed tuned for the lipstick edition coming next.

Hope your all having a fun filler weekend. 

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